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Thread: RPG Newbie here looking for help please

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    Default RPG Newbie here looking for help please

    As you will probally see by my post im totally new to rpg games.
    This script as far as im aware has been around for a while.
    Here is the story so far.
    I have currently got a mafia style games script.
    I have installed it and most of it is running ok so fas so good you may think.
    Wrong lol
    Im looking for some instructions on how to run the phpadmin data base section, cos basically i aint got a clue lol.
    Im not sure what the origonal script is called hence i have put my link up and maybe someone can tell me or put me in the rite direction for the database help.
    I dont know if im allowed to put the link but if i am i do appologise and remove it.
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