Note: Don't do anything past details. Just click the box and hit okay

If you don't have the windows XP CD need to install you can use these files:

You will need winrar to extract the files, you can save the file anywhere. The best bet would be desktop.

-Go to the window where you pick East Asia Languages.
-Check the box.
-Hit okay or apply.
-A window should come up, hit okay.
-After you hit okay, another window will pop up.
-Hit browse.
-Goto the folder entitled LANG I believe, the file you're looking for should be the only one shown.
-Click the file then click okay.
-It will install and then ask you to find another file, it will either be in the LANG folder or the I386 folder.
-Hit okay then let it install.
-It should ask for another file, repeat the same steps.
-You should be prompted to restart your computer, do that.
-After that test lunia, it should work.

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