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Thread: Granado Espada isn't Free 2 Play anymore...

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    "LOL you're not the one to judge that unless you are managing your own Massive MOG server (not a private one). Dont believe everything you read and stop acting like a wise know-it-all dumb a$$."said by Granada

    Wow, can't beleive they let employees speak this way to customers. No matter what they've done.

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    Wow and here I was thinking of giving that game a try o.O that was extremely rude of that person...If I was the one that wrote that post and got replied to like that employee or not, they HAVE to ban me cause I'd flame the living hell out of them >.> I don't appreciate being disrespected. Especially by someone who's putting my money in their pockets. I still can't believe no one reported her for saying that? Thats extremely disrespectful.
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