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Thread: Granado Espada isn't Free 2 Play anymore...

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    Default Granado Espada isn't Free 2 Play anymore...

    It has been announced not long ago...
    SGE, which was in his phase of open beta, will start to ask a fee to play of 5.60$/Months in less than 90 days.

    Since I have wrote a post, on the forum of IAHGames GE, which explain in a great way why making their game P2P wasn't a good idea, they have banned me from any sites host by IAHGames and accused me to do bad publicities for them...
    (Mouhahaha! I simply explained why this wasn't a good idea and they banned me... It show how well they're working, doesn't it? And, as a Beta tester, I have helped them to repair 3 major crisis in their game... who're bad guys, hein?)

    If you find any post made by Donoghu, on their forum, it would be a miracle :3

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    yeah i heard it will be P2P. Well let them cry later when their sales go down.

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