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Thread: Musk+Musk+Scout or Fight+Musk+Scout

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    Default Musk+Musk+Scout or Fight+Musk+Scout

    Which build is better in the long run? In my opinion Fight+Musk+Scout sounds good because Fighters will tank while you have a range peron and then a healer. Musk+Musk+Scout sounds awesome though too because I heard Musketeers are powerful. The only reason I'm asking this is because USUALLY in games the Fighter always gets the best weapons, most attack, defense, etc. In every game I've played they usually **** the range person over.

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    Or you can compromise, get a fighter, and teach him the heaven & hell stance, where he uses a sword in one hand and a pistol in the other.

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    I agree with Sad, Fighter/Scout/Musk will be easier in the beginning, and you can get the Heaven&Hell stance later on.

    I use Ele/Musk/Musk yeah.

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    You've heard correctly (sorta). Musks are indeed powerful, but I would consider the Sorc to be the most powerful in the game. Fighters are the second to last weakest character (Scout being the weakest, but I have seen people own with Scouts because of their insane skills that hit the monster like 80 times). Fighter takes first for most worthless character to me because all it can do is tank. Fighter/Scout/Musk will be easier in the beginning but you're gonna start to regret giving up two Dual Pistol stance Musks later because the fighter is gonna be a lot weaker. Not sure about stances, but last time I ever played, heaven & hell was the shittiest stance for the fighter, but the new heaven & hell stance (not called heaven & hell, but it uses pistol & sword for level 60 or something like that) looked pretty powerful (people didn't even play with fighters o.O they used that fat guy who is the weapon dealer). Lesson, fighter = only good for tanking and nothing else and is virtually (pun not intended) useless in PvP because Sorcs., Ele's and Musks dominate the field (especially Sorc.s). I went Sorc/Musk/Scout and my combination owns a lot better than my old Musk/Fighter/Scout, but it's up to you to pick.
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    It depends on your gaming style...

    are you a person who would like to take advantage of the AFK leveling?
    if your answer is yes, well having a fighter while you are AFK hightens the chances of your family dieing. Since fighters and close range combatants tend to roam around and chase enemies. Which your scout would then chase thus leaving your other character behind.... or your fighter might wander off leaving the scout no time to heal especially if your map is rich in mobs. Hahaha To bad for you if your characters are lvl 50 and above...

    But for starters... having that lineup would be benificial. ^-^

    ENjoy playing!

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