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Thread: Money Makein Guide By Me

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    Default Money Makein Guide By Me

    When I said by me, It's not by me.I don't have that much money in RS (400k) because I can't make 100k in a day of merchanting.

    It may take a little time to get some seed starting cash, but at full speed in less than one
    week you could be banking in profits of 500k per hour. There are times where you have to
    be patient, and you might get frustrated at times, but stay in there and you will be
    To be a successful millionaire you will have to put in a little bit of effort and never give up.
    Giving up will only make it worst for you. Be sure to learn your prices so you don't get
    ripped off.

    I have used all theses ways to make me money, nothing will be left out. All my dirty little
    secrets are here in this guide.

    Getting Started

    You're probably asking yourself, How do I get started making millions? I am so excited
    about this guide. I will show you 2 good ways to get your 1st 100k which is a good way to
    get starting pay. You don't even need any items to get started.
    Level 3- around 10: Yeah you probably seen those other guides that told you to pick bananas or to buy
    rune essences that are impossible to buy at 10 each.
    The best thing to do is to kill chickens, you're probably laughing right now, but this is it. Go
    kill chickens and collect the feathers. Each chicken will drop 5 to 15 feathers. Feathers
    currently sell for 10-15 GP each. So you will get 50-225 gold coins for each chicken you kill.
    Below is a list of the possible income for each chicken Killed.
    5 feathers = 50-75 gold coins 10 feathers = 100-150 gold coins 15 feathers = 150-225
    gold coins
    Since feathers keep adding up and only take up 1 space in inventory there is no need to be
    running to the bank. You can easily get 10,000 feathers in 5 hours work by killing 650-2000
    chickens. Once you have 10,000 feathers, then you can sell them off by looking for a buyer
    in the Runescape forums. You will get somewhere between 100k to 150k for your 10,000
    Members: - Go to the flax field in seers and pick flax for money, you can also make into
    bowstrings for even more money. Sell Flax for 100 each and Bowstrings for 175-200 GP
    You don't necessarily have to start out with 100k. 50k will be fine but 100k is better.
    Congratulations you now have 50-100k and are now ready to become a Runescape
    merchant millionaire.


    This is how a lot of players in Runescape make their quick millions.

    Question: What is Merchanting?
    Answer: Merchanting is the act of making profits, by simply buying items real cheap and
    selling for higher prices.
    • Merchanting tips and tricks:
    • Always keep a good amount of cash on hand, Only spend about 1/3rd to 1/2
    of your current money for the merchandise you're going to sell. You just might
    see a good deal while you are selling.
    • Start out by only merchanting 5 to 6 items at a time.
    • Buy in Bulk and sell in bulk. Be sure to buy stuff low and sell high.
    • Selling in the game can take a while. For bulk items use the forums for buyers.
    If you are a member then make a post on the bulk items you are wanting to
    sell. You usually always get a buyer for ores and bars within 5-10 minutes from
    a forum posting.
    • Avoid scams at all costs. Many merchants get scammed easily. I even got
    scammed myself. Be sure to always double check the last trade window before
    making a trade. If the deal sounds to good to be true then stay away or
    approach with caution.
    • Be firm on your prices, many players try to talk you into lowering prices. Be
    firm and walk away a couple steps, there is a 75 percent chance that he'll give
    in and buy your items.
    • To make quicker cash by merchanting do bulk trades or high priced items over
    • Always keep a calculator at hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lets Get Started

    Ok you now have 100k GP now lets get started on your Merchanting. The list below are
    good items to start out Merchanting.

    MEMBERS - Cowhides is one good item to start out with buy these for 100 GP each
    with 100k you can buy 1000 Cowhides. Now it's time to resell these in Runescape
    Forums for 150-180 GP per hide. This will land you an extra 50k on your 1st run. Now
    you have 150k, buy cowhides again this time you can buy 1500 Cowhides for 150k.
    Once you get 1500 Cowhides it's time to sell them for 150-180 GP each, after this you
    will have 225k. Now with the 225k GP you can now buy 2,250 Cowhides. Once you
    get 2,250 Cowhides sell them off for 150-180 GP each after this you will have.
    337,500 GP. Now it probably took you 5 hours to get this far once you had 100k. Yes
    it seemed like a long time but you are learning the basics of Merchanting. You can
    continue with cowhides or you can move on to other items. Below are more samples
    you can use.
    Bowstrings- Buy for 160 GP each and resell for 200 each in forums.
    Flax- Buy for 75 each and resell for 110 each in forums.
    Yew Logs- Buy for 275-300 each resell in forums for 330 to 350 GP each.
    Lobsters Cooked- Buy these from the forums they cheaper there than in the game
    usually go for 190 GP each in forums. Now go to Edgeville and resell these for 225 to
    250 GP each.
    Sharks - Even though we all hate Gold farmers and macroers the Chinese gold
    farmers are a good source to get cheap sharks most will sell you them for 600 each
    raw or cooked. Just hang around the guild or Catherby and wait for them to sell. Tell
    them to add you and you want to buy all that they get. Once you get these super
    cheap sharks resell them for 850-900 GP each. This is a good Item to merchant if you
    have a couple mil laying around.
    Ok after Merchanting the stuff mentioned above you should have about 2-4 mil in
    your bank after a couple days. If you haven't gotten to 4 mil in 2 days from 100k
    using the above items then you are not fit to be a Runescape Merchanter. Instead
    you should see the Extra money Methods section at the bottom of my Money Guide.
    Ok you now have 4 mil congrats, pat yourself on the back as it gets easier from here
    on out. You have what it takes to become a true Runescape tycoon. If you can't
    make money in a simple game like Runescape then there is no way you can succeed
    in the real world. A good item to Merchant are whips as you make 100 to 200k per sale.
    As of this week in August of 2007. Whips are currently selling for 1.6 to 1.85 Mil.
    These are good to Merchant. With your 4 mil buy 2 of these for 1.6 to 1.65 mil. DO
    NOT PAY MORE. Whips are very easy to get in the game as they are easily scammed
    from other players. You will not have trouble buying these on the low end of 1.6 mil.
    Buy 2 Whips for 3.2 mil and resell these for ATLEAST 1.75 to 1.8 Mil per whip. Now
    that you bought 2 whips which takes me about 10 minutes, now it's time to sell them.
    Ok you got 3.6 mil after selling your 2 whips for 1.8 each. Congrats you just made
    yourself a 400k profit in 20-30 minutes time. Keep repeating this to build up your
    cash. Also check the forums daily as they are constantly changing, you don't want to
    buy for 1.6 if they drop to 1.5.
    If you made it this far you should have about 10-15 mil about 2-3 days later. If your
    here then pat yourself on the back cause a lot of people don't make it this far. Now I
    recommend at least 25 mil for this next step as were are going to Merchant Barrows
    armor next. Many people have trouble Merchanting this but I will tell you how it is
    1st off you need to make an ad in the Runescape Forums: BUYING ALL BARROWS.
    Now you need to pick a price you want to sell for. What I do is look for a recent
    similar ad and look for what prices the guy is buying for. A lot of people Merchant
    Barrows. Here is a sample forum Ad.
    BUYING ALL BARROWS ( other items )
    Please read this before selling me an item.
    Hey, I'm buying mostly every barrows item and set in the game! And yes, I do buy
    individual pieces!
    I am only BUYING not SELLING the items I buy, thanks. Please feel free to bump the
    thread .
    All trades will be done in YOUR WORLD, FALLY CENTER. Please wait patiently if I am
    dealing with another cust**** before you. PM me to sell me an item.
    Post or PM to sell, doesn't matter to me
    Last rule-
    ~Prices are firm~
    Helmet - 1700K
    Skirt - 400K
    Flail - 350K
    Brassy - 1300K
    Full Set - 4000K
    Helmet - 1600K
    Platebody - 400K
    Plateskirt - 350K
    Spear - 4700K
    Full set - 7900K
    Helmet - 150K
    Platebody - 450K
    Platelegs - 400K
    Hammers - 50K
    Full Set - 1200K
    Robetop - 550K
    Robebottem - 600K
    Hood - 250K
    Staff - NOT BUYING
    Full w/ or w/o staff - 1600K
    Top - 150K
    Bottem - 100K
    Bow - 180K
    Coif - NOT BUYING
    Full set w/o bow - 400K
    Full set w/ bow - 550K
    Helmet - 600K
    Platebody - 600K
    Platelegs - 450K
    Axe - 1000K
    Full Set - 3000K
    Dragon Platelegs - 2000K
    Dragon [] Sheild - 800K
    Ranger Boots - 3000K
    Robin Hood Hat - 5000K
    Amulet of Fury - 4000K

    All Rune (T) (G) Saradomin, Zamarak, and Guthix Armours - Price pending on item.
    Zammorak Cloak - 900K
    Saradomin Cloak - 800K
    Guthix Cloak - 500K
    Amulet of Fury - 4000K
    Mage's Book - 4300K
    Bolt Racks 250ea (500 or more)
    Any other item you think I may be interested in buying, or any B Sales you are
    having, PLEASE PM them to me, I will always buy items in large amounts.
    Thank you, and please remember...
    ~Prices are firm~
    This is just a sample ad you can change your ad to however you like it. These are fair prices for
    these items most people will sell you individual Barrow items cheap. Once you collect sets sell
    them off for the full price you generally make a 400k to 800k profit from each set you sell. This is
    an extremely easy way to bank an extra 10 mil a day. I currently make 15-20 mil a day
    merchanting Barrows, don't worry there is plenty to go around and you wont interfere with other
    people's businesses. This ends the Merchanting Section.

    Merchantism is not for me. What other ways can I
    make money?

    Free players are very limited, but the best method for free players requires 33 magic
    and law runes. North of Falador is the Zammorak Mage hut, near the goblin village just
    south of the wilderness. Inside you will find wine of Zammorak on the table. DO NOT
    GRAB THIS, the Zammorak Mages will attack you. You must use Telekinetic Grab to get
    the wine from the table, Once you get one it takes 20 seconds to respawn. This
    method you get around 130 wines per hour. Members buy Zammorak Wines for 1.2 to
    1.5k each as they use them to level up they're Herblore. After buying laws for 300 each
    this lands you an easy 120-150k GP per hour. Now that is very good money for a free
    Members have a lot of ways. One of the most popular ways is flax picking, this
    method gets you around 80k GP per hour assuming you collect 800 per hour and sell
    for 100 each. Not very good method. Better way is to buy the flax for 75-100 GP each
    and go to Lumbridge castle and spin the flax into bowstrings. I get 1150 Strings done
    per hour as I am very fast at doing it. Sell your bowstrings for 200 GP each. This
    methods brings you close to 120k per hour. Way more than picking flax. So don't
    waste your time picking flax.
    Unless you have super high Rune Crafting, Super HIGH combat with lots of quests done, Super High Fletching, Can fish Monks, or a master at Pking, then making
    Bowstrings is the way to go.
    Do not cut logs it's slow and boring unless your fletching also.
    DO NOT SELL YOUR WILLOW LONG (U) bows to the gen store for 16 GP each. Look
    in forums People buy Willow Longs (u) for 40 GP each.
    DO NOT SELL YOUR MAPLE LONG (U) bows to the gen store for 32 GP each. Look in
    the forums people buy these for 75 to 80 GP each.
    Sounds dumb and stupid to me but people actually buy this stuff, they like stringing
    them better.
    Well now you have what it takes to make millions in Runescape.

    Happy Moneymakeing!:smile:
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    sweet guide man,i wil be trying some stuff especially the chicken one

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