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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gates the pimp View Post
    Im sorry i dont remember but 1) are we going to be able to bring our charectors to GW2 or not and when that comes out 2) are they goin to keep doing events in the original gw games and are 3) they going to up the lvl cap on proph nightfall and factions? 4) and any news on proffesions in EoTN. and 5) i hear u can become a charr in GW2 IMO THATS ****IN AWESOME any other critters u can be?
    1) We can't bring over our GW1 characters to GW2, in much the same way we can't transfer from Diablo 1 to Diablo 2, NWN 1 to NWN 2, SW:KOTOR 1 to SW: KOTOR 2.... mostly it's technical, and would you really want to stay stuck as a level 20 while the other GW2 natives don't have a level cap (or level 100, Anet isn't clear on this yet)?

    However, when you buy GW:EN you'll have a Hall of Monuments (?), a museum of sorts where you can enshrine your character so that people can see your achievements (titles), armor, weapons, etc. This is Anet's way of recognizing all the hours of gameplay that we spent in GW1.

    Then when GW2 comes around, and if you link your GW1 account to GW2, you can access the GW:EN Hall of Monuments and display to GW2 newbies your life as a GW1 player, and they can appropriately "oooh" and "aaaah" at the right places

    I'm not clear on this one, but there will be special bonuses accorded GW1 players with Hall of Monuments in GW2, like maybe being able to use your minipets, armor, weapons.... a lot of this is still up in the air though.

    If this works, some GW2 players might even consider buying GW1, and thus keep both games alive. Either way, it's a win-win deal :3

    2) When GW2 comes out, Anet has said that they will still support GW1, but maybe in a much diminished capacity. Officially, GW:EN is the final release in the GW1 series, but they remain open to anything and everything.

    I'd like Anet to maintain their weekend events even post-GW2, as anyway it's all in the coding to activate, and it'll give something to do for GW1 players who haven't moved on to GW2.

    3) The level 20 cap on all GW1 games will stay like that, level 20. As announced by Anet, GW2 may have a level 100 cap, or higher, or none at all. It's too early to tell.

    The confusion might have stemmed from the PC Gamer issue that featured both GW:EN and GW2. The exciting features of both games may have been mixed up by the excited reader, and further misunderstood by those he relayed the news to, who passed the info to yet others down the grapevine (second- or third-hand information)...

    4) No new professions in EOTN. It's an expansion, not a standalone campaign like Factions or Nightfall.

    No word yet on GW2 professions, and if any of the ten GW1 professions will be implemented. On that note however, I'm pretty sure there'll be an approximation of the six core classes.

    5) For now, the announced playable races in GW2 are four: the nymph/dryad/elfin Sylvari, everybody's favorite furballs the Charr, the technologically advanced Asura, and the viking-like, shapeshifting half-giant Norns.

    Makes you wonder if there'll be humans. And I'd have liked playing as a Mursaat, or Centaur, or Tengu... those existing races in GW lore. But then again GW2 is a hundred years after GW1, the GW1 races might have died out or something...
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