Game Name: Gevalum


Game Description: Gevalum is a world of adventure and fantasy. Players choose their character from a number of the indigenous races of Gevalum and embark on a journey. The journey you embark on is yours to choose- do you choose to be a sword bearing mighty warrior, or a mythical mage whose knowledge and wisdom give him great powers of the arcane? Will you be a pious and holy warrior, or will you be an evil vagabond? Perhaps you want to become the strongest in the land, or have riches beyond your wildest dreams. One thing is for sure, you will have to become stronger, fighting valiant battles and competing against friend and foe, for you know that your rivals will be fighting just as hard as you. Enter the world of Gevalum , and begin your legacy.

Gevalum has a wide variety of multi-player features, including dueling, clans, trades, and a moderated chatroom with friendly, helpful players.

Publisher: None (independent)

Platforms: Any

Genre: Web browser RPG

Status: Open Beta