70x :EXP
100x :GOLD
50x ROP
10x: SOD
OWN Mpt-Client.exe Ver 1859 ENGLISH 100%
Valento Ring added!
Kelvezu Amulet added!
9 Custom Hair Styles !!
Potion Regeneration stats increased!
Mage/Priestess Weapon Damage statistics increased
Clan System 100%
Bless Castle System 100% (Weekly sieges, with working TAX)
SoD System (+Scores, Working SoD Crown)
Level Rank System (See Website)
8x Shop (See in game)
Mystic Crystal COST 1 gold ^_^
Fire Map
Mirage, Inferna, Enigma Forces enabled!
Lost Island!
Lost Temple!
A lot of Custom monsers !!
Mana ColdEye+Mana Figon Drop alot of manas =)
12 New Custom Skin Items (See website)
New ALOT Gem mixes (See website)
Item Shop Items (All +Shop)
No webs in dungeons
Loads of Custom NPCs (See in-game)
80 a, b, c, d + 85 + 90 + 105a +105b items+105c items+105d items +105e items
Custom Map Endless Tower Floor1/2 !!
Premium Armor/Robe Shops, found around the Priston Continent!
Premium Pary Costumes Shops, found around the Priston Continent!
EVERY map has at least 1 BOSS!!!
Max lvl 120 !!
Age System +18 !!
Greedy Lake Boss map
Custom Crystals (3) In Huntress Shop at Ricarten!
Possibility forcing Celesto at Force Master
Custom Events hosted by GMs
Free 2 Play (Donation System included)
Everyone is welcome! ^_^

website: http://mpt.no-ip.org/Index.html