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Thread: Making Games Work With Vista

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    Quote Originally Posted by mog View Post
    Ok, I play GunZ and Gunbound and just got a new vista computer, i looked on the IJJI page and it said that GunZ was not yet compatible with vista but Gunbound is. I thought ok, well I`ll try them both anyways. It ended up that GunZ worked fine but Gunbound doesn`t. I installed the auto installer and then i went and installed Gunbound. When I hit the play button it shows the connecting thing, and then eventually the screen with events and messages and the `start` button. I click it then n protect pops up and then it loads and stuff then it disappears and nothing happens. On the bottom of my screen there will be the little thing showing a screen open with it but when i put my mouse over it to show what the window looks like itís just a grey block and eventually it says it`s not responding, does anybody else have this problem or more importantly, no how to fix it? Please help, I need to play Gunbound.
    Yeah i have the exact same problem! But the thing is, i was playing gunbound YESTERDAY!!... so i click Play Game and then the NProtect shows up, the mouse thingy says its loading, but then after it disappears, nothing happens. I tried it several times and it just wouldn't load... me too i really need to play Gunbound...

    Quote Originally Posted by sacaras View Post
    in my experience every game has worked. Of course i haven't tried gunz yet, but vista is compatible with most.
    well for some reason MY vista just hates maplestory's hackshield and Flyff's too. Also, gunbound i have no idea why it just disappears after the NProtect loads! It was so working yesterday.. no clue what happened. please help. i really want to play gunbound. I';m so bored without it.
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    this thread is like ANCIENT and stuff.

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