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Thread: Anyone Here still Actively Plays? =)

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    Default Anyone Here still Actively Plays? =)

    I recently found in someone's siggie "18X Lion" and was absolutely blown away. I remember staying up until 5 am one morning for the open beta of English Trickster. I played the Japanese one for a few days beforehand and absolutely loved it.

    I quit Trickster just a day or two after the release because at the time of open beta, I was the highest level (45) on their first server. I quit because no one was around that level to party, and things got boring waiting for everyone else to level up. The level cap when the game first came out was no where above the 100s. Actually, when english TO first came out, you couldn't even class change at 50.

    So, I was highly intrigued, downloaded it last night, played it for two hours, got to level 25 and now I'm addicted. There's people flooding all the maps, always someone to party with, it's so easy to absolutely soar in levels.

    Soooo. I'm just wondering if anyone still actually played. And I also, have a few questions. =)

    1) What is the current level cap? I think I saw 400 was it?
    2) Has anyone gotten to that level cap yet?
    3) When does the game get extremely grindy?
    4) Is there any hope for me as a Bunny going Boxer soon, with a 4114 build going to be able to dig up all those items needed for class change?!
    5) Is having a digging character a great way for cash?
    6) Can you dual box?

    Thanks! =)

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    The current level cap is still 400, and the highest atm is 30x. IMO, the game gets grindy when you're 100+. I am currently 83, and I find leveling not hard at all, I just don't want to level xD

    Bunnies are one of the characters that can get their job items very easily.

    Gold medals - Drill at the GATE of Poppuri dungeon. The place is FILLED with gold medals, I found 10 gold medals in about 30 mins.
    Bottles/Boards- These are the hardest to get IMO, you can drill or buy for 40-60k each.
    Tubes- When you're drilling for these at seabed field 4, you might fight Lion or Racoon job items, sell them for money and buy your bunny job items.

    Another thing!!! I heard that job items will change soon, I'm not sure but you can wait till the october patch, maybe the job items will change =)

    I would recommend making a 1144 DA fox first and leveling her to TM 35 but basic detection, that way you can drill up items much easier because every drill you get an item for sure!

    and I don't get the last question =o

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