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Thread: Do you think Gunz will work on linux?

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    Default Do you think Gunz will work on linux?

    Hi, i was just wondring if gunz will get working on linux open suse?
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    Well, not to be reviving such an old thread, but I figured this thread can be archived and it may help someone else at a later time.

    Demo of Gunz functioning on Debian:


    If you're interested in setting up DirectX in the non-free copy of Virtualbox (Free for use, not free for modification), you can download a copy of VBox at the official website (

    From there, setup a copy of Windows XP (Home/Pro) or Windows 2000 (Vista/later is not supported as far as I know) in VirtualBox.

    In the virtual machine, setup Guest Additions, then download the WineD3D installer (

    Execute the installer while in safe mode (To enter safe mode, reboot your virtual machine, and repeatedly press F8 until an options menu pops up)

    NOTE: During WineD3D setup, only select DirectX8 and DirectX9 - anything else may cause problems!.

    After that, the rest is self-explanitory. Enjoy!

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