Ok, this is my first Character Guide and i played a long time Rakion.So its time for me to show my experience of :
The Ninja

The Ninja is the fastest charachter in the game , thats the power of the Ninja.Sadly enough it sacrifices ur normal attacks wich don't deal great damage.This character can run from of a battle if its to intense...
Ur armour isnt great either but remember u get ur movement speed for it in return...Well let's get started.

What kind of Ninja's are good?
1.The Stun-Gripper.
This one is my favorite and mostly the strongest and most used in high lv games.U see most Ninja's doing the same move called stun gripping.The more stat points in move and atk speed the better u can stun (grip).
Recommended stats:

1.First u put about 12 points into atk speed.
2.Now about 12 into move speed.

U should noticed during fighting u can stun grip better and better and ur skill is growing just like ur stat and level.

3.Go on untill u have 27 atk speed and 27 move speed.
4.Now u can put about 9 till 18 into grip(not to much lvling aint easy )
5.now go on untill u maxed out these 3 till 50/50 now u can choose further if u want it to any other skill like CD or life.

2.The Jump-Attacker
There arent much of these but if u mastered the Technique u can own pretty quick.
Recommended stats:
(this should be done quick)

1.Although u going to use ur jump atk first max out ur move speed(move speed is a must in rakion).So 50/50 move speed at first
2.Now it becomes simply 50/50 range u can test urself at low lv if ur ready for this type of Ninja.
3.If ur thinking raising life , armour or atk speed after is ur choice but i recommend atk speed first but that's ur own decision.

3.The Beast
This type of Ninja is dangrous if ur high lv like 50+ cuz u have to max out many things...
Recommended stats:

1.Well like i said before move speed is a must...Come on, go level up urself !!!
2.U can choose wich stat u wanna raise first but pick one of these:
Basic Attack
Special attack
Range attack
Grip attack
3. After u maxed one or two of these stats u can choose life or armour or go ahead with one of the above.
Now were done with this one lets go on to the next...

4.The Gollem Killer
This type concentrates on a Ninja that kills gollem...Simple right?
Recommended stats:
1.Like all of them move speed...
2.Next u can decide 27 range or 27 CD (i prefer CD first then range)
3.now max out both and go on with life and armour.
Don't know how to kill fast a gollem on low lv??? ill tell u:
Change ur weapon to the stars, now stand in front of the gollem and
point ur pointer a bit above ur normal vision hold the right mouse button a
little while and release , this way all 9 stars hit the gollem and deal
HUGE damge...

Now finaly done with the type of ninja's.
Now it time for the:
Q:How do i put the so called 'stat points' in my charcter?
A:After u chosed ur character u can go to ur inventory by pressing the
button in the bottom of the screen.

Q:How do i do this technique for stun-gripping?
A:Well its preety simple u need reaction speed that will increase sooner or
later.Always 1 slash twice pressing the forward button( W ) if ur done
with ur first slash then slash the second time , be sure ur slash register before u use the grip.
Wanna know how the grip ur from the front and stun u all the way to ur back?
The answer:
1 Slash from front hold W and D for move. move like a half second to the
side of the characters body, after run to the back and slash then slash 1
more time to be sure then grip...
Hope that helped you out...

Well hopefully the guide was usefull to u guys.Any more questions i will add to this FAQ well soon i gonna make 1 more Guide u can post wich kind of character i then will put remember ill make only 1 more guide not more.
Thank me if helped
Credits to:
My Dad for paying my pc and internet
Softnyx for making such wonderfull game and for not wasting my time for 1 or 2 games and watching TV
Myself for making this Guide.
And you for reading this guide.

Grtz Sly:3