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Thread: F1 doesent work?

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    Default F1 doesent work?

    If i press f1 nothing appears o.o

    Can also someone help me with the skills? dont know where to put in my skill points.

    I have 4 skillpoints

    also someone help me with spending my sp in? i am a shaman and i dont understand those short capitals
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    Press 's' or click on skills at the bottom right of the screen. Then go to 'shaman' tab (i think) and click on skill level up. If there aren't any there, press 'c' and go to 'skill' tab. Double click the card there to learn the skill then do step 1. If there's no card there, go to your trainer and buy a skill card. Then do step 2, then step 1.

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    To add bonus stats you recieve each level, press the letter "v", and add your points to whatever you believe will help your class. For a how-to-guide for dragons, try this link:

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