Global Federation : Human
Global Federation : Enhanced Human
Global Federation : Neo-Human
Mars ARTHUR : Human
Mars ARTHUR : Enhanced Human
Mars ARTHUR : Neo-Human

Global Federation :

The war for resource lasting for 50 years had come to an end finally and had brought about tremendous disaster as a countless number of people died and economical loss reached beyond 100 billions .Which put the people in the most urgent need of peace and stability.

The war for resource ended up proving itself to be the biggest source of consumption. The founding of new energy almost immediately reduced the purpose of war to nothing . The damaged families badly needed a powerful authority. On the first day of January in the year of 2046,The Earth Union was established as the people on the earth finally integrated themselves together
Existence and challenge were the duties for all .In the year of 2101 , The Mars chose to betray the ultimate task of human being when the earth in the most critical crisis. We had no toleration for betrayal .The Mars would finally return to human civilization.


Human being had suffered from too many wars ,but the majority of them based upon interest instead of honor.
But human being proved to be the biggest source of disaster against human being. .It was a time to put an end to the long-lasting war which brought too much suffering and death. The ones who paid most to the war were the average people instead of the confident commanders or officers
A group of people with big ambitions left their own homes .They were the pioneers for Mars and led us into freedom and established the Arthur country famous for freedom and democracy . If the war really can safeguard our country , we would pay all we have to fight war .Arthur bases itself upon freedom, peace and dream. The victory will maintain our pureland.

On Oct 20,which side will u choose?