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Thread: Seal Online - Some info and tips.

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    Default Seal Online - Some info and tips.

    Since SEAL is going to be released later today I thought I would post alittle guide to help people out a bit.
    K added the Jester and Craftsman Skills,they both don't have skill icons at the moment so look for the Bold Text.
    Classes,Builds,& Skills:

    Beginner is the class you start as if you don't specify a class to begin with in later versions of Seal Online. If you reach level 10 as a beginner you will be able to select a class and redistribute your stat points that you used in getting to level 10.


    Sleep Req. Lvl:1
    Max LvL:1 Type:Active -- Sleep to gradually restore HP and AP over time.
    Fishing Req. LvL: 3
    Max LvL:1 Type:Active -- Use stackable, non-healing items or normal bait to catch fish and other items in water
    Bank Req. LvL: 8 Max.LvL:1 Type:Active/Passive -- Grants access to the bank, which can store up to 80 items for one account. The bank can also be accessed from any map with any stage 5 pet equipped, but fees are higher when accessing the storage through a pet. Withdrawal costs 100 cegels per item. Cegels can also be stored, and stored cegels convert to negels when a certain amount has been reached. Talk to [Merchant] Banker to learn it. ACCESS TO AN ACCOUNT'S BANK REQUIRES A PASSWORD*, SO DO NOT FORGET IT.
    Emotion Req.LvL:?? Max LvL:1 Type:Active -- Access a window of acquired emotions, which appear above your character when used. Some emotions can be earned by leveling, while others can be gained by doing quests. Some emotions can even be requirements for quests (i.e., Hero Quest).
    Party Req. LVL:?? Max LvL:1 Type:Passive -- Acquire the ability to invite others to a party/group. EXP can be shared or acquired individually with bonuses. Certain classes have a higher EXP gain in parties. Talk to [Merchant] Laim Tavern Owner to get it through a quest.

    Trade Req. LvL:?? Max LvL:1 Type:Active Prerequisite: Sleep Conduct a transaction with a targeted player. Select the skill and click the person you wish to trade with.

    Refine Req. LvL:?? Max LvL:1 Type:Active Prerequisite: Sleep Upgrade items by using gems and rune stones.

    Martial Combo Req.LvL:?? Max LvL:5 Type:Passive Prerequisite: Sleep Enables combos with bare fists and costume weapons.

    Chat Req.LvL:?? Max LvL:1 Type:Active Prerequisite: Trade Open up a stand in which people can enter and chat. Can also be used as a means of auctioning off items. This is NOT the same as the Chat feature accessed by pressing ALT + C.

    Sale Store Req.LvL:?? Max LvL:1 Type:Active Prerequisite:Trade Open up a stand in which people can browse and purchase items.
    Additional Skills

    Advanced Vendor Shop


    Campaign party

    * All bank accounts (including guild banks) require a password to access them. These can be different from your actual password. Bank passwords can be changed after accessing them.


    Warriors are a melee class designed for damage. The warrior has the second best armor in the game, next to knight, and the third best damage, behind full-INT jester and mage. Warrior is the second best solo class, capable of both taking hits and dealing massive damage with two-handed swords. Warriors are the only class capable of the 20-button combo. The warrior's main stats are STR and AGI. Warriors wear Warrior Armor and wield Two-Handed Swords.

    Job change method:

    ① Go find "Militia-NPC Kurt" at Town Lime.
    ② Ask Kurt how you can become a Warrior.
    ③ Follow Kurt's guide and go see Gail at the arena at the eastern part of town.
    ④ At the arena, you'll need to defeat "tree golem" as a test to become a Warrior.
    ⑤ After defeating the golem, go see "Squall" at the arena to complete your job change.


    Most warriors go with the 2 STR:1 AGI (2 STR for every 1 AGI) build, unless other stats are needed for equipment. Whenever free stat points are available, it's best to put it all into STR. Some also go with the 3 STR:1 AGI build for more power. In any case, the warrior build isn't too hard to figure out. Don't bother putting stats into anything but mainly STR and AGI.

    Skill Tree:

    Combo Table:

    # = Total Link-able. Letters = Methods. ¦ = Prequisite.
    3: A-S-AS ¦2H Sword Combo lvl 1

    4: D-S-A-AD
    5: A-S-A-A-AD ¦2H Sword Combo lvl 2
    7: AD-A-S-S-D-SD ¦2H Sword Combo lvl 3
    12: S-D-D-A-A-S-S-D-D-A-S-AD ¦2H Sword Combo lvl 5
    15: A-S-D-A-S-D-A-S-D-A-S-D-A-S-D ¦2H Sword Combo 2 lvl 1
    16: S-S-S-A-A-A-S-S-S-D-D-D-A-S-D-AS ¦2H Sword Combo 2 lvl 2
    17: D-A-S-D-S-S-D-A-A-S-S-D-D-A-S-D-SD ¦2H Sword Combo 2 lvl 3
    18: A-A-A-S-S-S-D-D-D-A-S-D-S-A-A-A-A-A ¦2H Sword Combo 2 lvl 4
    20: D-S-A-S-D-S-A-S-D-S-A-S-D-S-A-S-D-D-D-D ¦2H Sword Combo 2 lvl 5


    Knights are the "tank" class of Seal Online. The knight has the highest defense, exceeding even the Warrior by far. The knight is based on skill attacks, and is less versed in combo and single-target combat. The knight specializes in powerful AoE (area of effect) skills for crowd-control. The knight's main stats are STR and AGI. Knights wear Knight Armor and Shields and wield One-Handed Swords.

    Job change method:

    ① Go find "Order of Knights-NPC Old Knight" at Town Elim.
    ② Ask the Old Knight how you can become a Knight.
    ③ Take the "recommendation" from the Old Knight over to "Aehub".
    ④ Once Aehub receives the recommendation, your job change will be completed!!

    Skill Tree:


    Mages, as in any other MMORPG, are frail little things. The mage has the lowest standalone defense, but one of the highest damage. The only class that exceeds mage damage is a full-INT jester; however, those are extremely expensive to maintain and literally throw thousands of cegels away to deal damage. The mage's main stats are INT and WIS. Mages wear Mage Armor and wield Staves.

    Job change method:

    ① Go find "Mage's Association-NPC Manuel" at Town Elim.
    ② Ask Manuel how you can become a Mage.
    ③ If you successfully convince Manuel with your plead to become a Mage, your job change will be complete!!

    Pure INT:
    The hardest-hitting build. However, early on, it requires patience and a little bit of money. Your defence will be terrible without a high-defence costume set, and your AP will be lower than that of INT/WIS mages. Staves past the Nitras Staff require no WIS to equip, giving you an advantage over INT/WIS mages since you can equip the same staves and have higher base magic. This build requires special no-requirement staves early on and costume sets or G gears, making them quite expensive at times. It is somewhat difficult to start without money, but even newcomers to a server can succeed in making one as a first character.

    This build will not deal as much damage, but will be much better at taking hits due to better armour. One only needs to get as much WIS as required to equip things for one's level, and the rest goes into INT.

    Not very popular. The LUK grants a bit of extra evasion, but that can't be counted on, whereas the power from more INT can.

    Stat Tree:

    Mages have two elements at their disposal.

    * Fire: Costs more AP, does more damage, and is typically slower.
    * Ice: Costs less AP, does less damage, and is typically faster.

    In addition, they possess Single Target (ST) and Area of Effect (AoE) spells.

    * ST: Lower cooldown; does more damage to a single target.
    * AoE: Longer cooldown and costs more AP; can hit multiple targets.

    At some point, you will have access to both elements. You will need to choose one first to train with before moving on to the next. Most mages will agree that choosing Fire in the beginning will ease your training; more monsters are Metal elemental and are therefore weak to Fire. Fewer monsters in the beginning are weak to Ice, making it more difficult to find a decent training spot with only ice spells.

    At level 80, you get Fire Mastery or Ice Mastery. You must choose one or the other. By choosing one, you increase the damage of all spells of that element and enable the ability to learn later spells of that element. If you choose Fire Mastery, you cannot learn any of the 80+ Ice spells; same for Ice Mastery.

    To learn your skills, talk to one of two NPCs near Manuel in Elim. One of them teaches you fire spells, and the other will teach you ice spells. Remember that you will eventually max skills of both elements, as long as you focus on one element up to 41 before moving on to the next.

    Ice versus Fire:

    You will eventually want both elements. Some prefer fire first because of more training options and the fact that it is slightly stronger, while others might choose ice just for a different variety from the fire crowd. It is completely up to you, as you will end up in the same place as any other mage up until level 80. Focus on one element until you've maxed your level 41 skill, then start working on the other element.

    Once it's time to pick a mastery, go for whichever element you like best. Some prefer ice for the speed and low AP cost, while others may like fire for the sheer power. Keep in mind that ice spells typically have lower cooldown than fire spells.

    Single Target versus Area of Effect:

    It is highly recommended that you stick to ST. AoE is not useful until your magic is high enough, and by that time, the mobs won't be as decent for training. Even when training on Alephs and Heat Alephs (which mob a LOT), you will find that ST spells can be more reliable. ST spells have the potential to kill normal mobs in 1-3 hits, while AoE spells may take several and have a long cooldown. In boss fights, you will rely more on ST because of the higher range


    Priests are the "healers" and main support class of Seal Online. They specialize in giving bonuses to other players in areas such as defense and movement speed. Priests are the only class that can use AP to heal him/herself and others. The main stats of a priest are STR, INT and WIS. Priests wear Priest Armor and wield Maces.

    Job change method:
    ① Go find "Church-NPC Gaius" at Town Elim.
    ② Ask Gaius how you can become a Priest.
    ③ Follow Gaius's guide and go see Corso just outside the church to ask for a job change.
    ④ As Corso requested, deliver the Book of Adel to Perre at the Jester's Tent.
    ⑤ After hearing the story about the book from Perre, return to Corso, and your job change will be complete!!


    Equipment Battle Priest:
    The regular battle build. Just enough INT/WIS for equipment and rest into STR. Not very popular, but very cheap.

    Equipment Support:
    The regular support build. Just enough STR/WIS for equipment and rest into int. Most priests go equipment support as it is far cheaper then full support, and still useful.

    Full Battle:
    Pure battle build. All stats will go into STR. You wear costume sets and/or G gears. Somewhat difficult to solo, since your defense isn't optimal (unless you wear G armor). Highest damage of all the priests, but least favorable by parties and weakest heals and buffs. Low AP due to lack of WIS.

    Full Support:
    Pretty popular build. It is pure support. All stats will go into Int. Costume sets and/or G gears. Impossible to solo in all stages of the game, and you will need to be in a party 24/7. However, it has the strongest heals and buffs and is the most favored by parties, but it holds little to no potential to do any of its own damage. Keep in mind that due to the lack of WIS, your maximum AP is about as low as a pure STR priest's.

    Skill Tree:

    Skill Builds

    These are cookie-cutter skill builds, designed to make the most out of their respective stat builds. You do not need to follow these exact builds, but they are helpful when you don't have any idea where to put your skill points.

    Battle Priest Build:
    Mace Combo - 5
    Prayer - 1
    Self Cure - 10
    Brave - 5
    Condemn - 10
    Holy Bless - 5
    Giant Swing - 5

    * Your INT will be too low for heals and buffs to make a huge impact, so you only need the above
    * Self Cure is helpful for saving yourself in dangerous situations

    Support Priest Build:
    Prayer - 1
    Self Cure - 5
    Encourage - 3
    Protection - 10
    Bless - 10
    Cure - 5/10
    Mass Cure - 5
    Party Cure - 0/5/10
    Divine Force - 10
    Wind Rush - 0/5/10
    Cleansing - 5
    Resurrection - 1/5
    AP Bless - 5
    HP Bless - 5

    * Max out all the buffs that add to important stats
    * Wind Rush only affects movement speed; add points into it if you want
    * Party Cure is not needed to learn further skills, so you technically do not need it; however, it is very useful
    * Extra points into Resurrection are not necessary


    Craftsmen are the "blacksmiths" of Seal Online. The craftsman is an average damage dealer, has average defense, above-average skills, and below-average combos. The craftsman really shines by being able to gather materials, produce Weapons, Armors, and accessories, refine equipment to give bonuses, and make bombs and mounts. Furthermore, a craftsman is able to identify unidentified items and, based on its LUK stat, the revealed bonuses may differ. The craftsman's main stats are LUK and STR. Craftsmen wear Craftsmen Armor and wield Hammers.

    Job change method:
    ① Go find "Weapon's shop-NPC Teo" at Town Lime.
    ② Ask Teo how you can become a Craftsman.
    ③ Old Teo will tell you that you should talk to "Peterson" in regards to job changes.
    ④ Once you have a conversation with Peterson, your job change will be complete!!

    You will need STR and LUK. STR is the only stat you need in terms of doing damage, but you need both STR and LUK to use certain recipes. The ratio of STR to LUK depends on the scrolls you're using and what type of craftsman you are. To understand what these ratios mean, divide your STR by your LUK and get the numbers above. If your STR is 30 and your LUK is 20, divide them to get 1.5 for accessory craft. Alternatively, see it as raising 3 STR for every 2 LUK (3:2).

    This is where you need to decide what you're going to specialize in. Here's the rundown on the STR/LUK or STR:LUK ratios:

    Potion Chef:
    Keep LUK minimum for equipment, as no recipe scrolls are needed.

    Accessory Crafter:
    1.5 or 3:2. Most popular because accessories are not restricted to classes.

    Armor Crafter:
    1.1 or 11:10. Useful for when you need to wear equipment that your build can't.

    Weapon Crafter:
    1.9 or 19:10. Again, also useful and actually very practical for increasing damage.

    Accessory/Armor/Weapon Refiner:
    1.6 or 8:5. Most practical and extremely popular, as this is what adds G/DG/XG to your items; choose one of the three types of equipment to specialize in.

    Forge Crafter:
    0.5 or 1:2. Pet mounts and bombs; bombs are useless.

    Hammer Combo Req.LvL:10 Max LvL:5 Type:Passive Prerequisite:Martial Combo (5) Enables combos with hammers

    Craftsman's Spirit Req.LvL:10 Max LvL:1 Type:Passive Prerequisite:Martial Combo (5) Pre-requisite for learning other skills.

    Single Certain Hit Req.LvL:10 Max LvL:5 Type:ST Prerequisite:Craftsman's Spirit (1) Charge your strength, spin your hammer in the air, and pound the enemy. High damage and accuracy boost when using it.

    Bomb Fling Req.LvL:10 Max LvL:5 Type:Passive Prerequisite:Craftsman's Spirit (1) Enables the ability to throw bombs.

    Cook Food Req.LvL:10 Max LvL:5 Type:Active Prerequisite:Craftsman's Spirit (1) Use basic ingredients to make food and potions for healing.

    Collect Req.LvL:10 Max LvL:1 Type:Active Prerequisite:Craftsman's Spirit (1) Enables mining, digging, and woodcutting to gather materials from rocks and trees. Consumes AP while gathering. Success is likely related to STR and the "level" of the item in question. Some items can only be
    found by using this skill.

    Item Appraisal Req.LvL:20* Max LvL:5 Type:Active Prerequisite:Collect (1) Appraise unidentified items for you or another person to discover hidden stat bonuses. Only works on items up to level 80. *Level requirement increases to 40 after level 1 and increases by 10 each level after.

    Produce Weapon Req.LvL:10 Max LvL:20 Type:Active Prerequisite:Craftsman's Spirit (1) Enables weapon crafting. Requires the recipe scroll and ingredients. Scroll requires a certain skill level, STR, and LUK.

    Produce Armor Req.LvL:10 Max LvL:20 Type:Active Prerequisite:Craftsman's Spirit (1) Enables armor crafting. Requires the recipe scroll and ingredients. Scroll requires a certain skill level, STR, and LUK.

    Produce Accessory Req.LvL:10 Max LvL:20 Type:Active Prerequisite:Craftsman's Spirit (1) Enables accessory crafting. Requires the recipe scroll and ingredients. Scroll requires a certain skill level, STR, and LUK.

    Alchemy Req.LvL:10 Max LvL:20 Type:Active Prerequisite:Craftsman's Spirit (1) Enables mount and bomb crafting. Success rate for mounts is low.

    Melt Req.LvL:10 Max LvL:8 Type:Active Prerequisite:Craftsman's Spirit (1) Melt upgraded items to retrieve the gems inside. Does not always yield upgrade gems. Destroys the item and any possible yields if it fails.

    Single Pulverizing Hit Req.LvL: 30* Max LvL:5 Type:ST Prerequisite:Single Certain Hit (5) Charge your strength, spin your hammer in the air, and make a deadly impact on the enemy. Less accurate than Single Certain Hit but has the ability to make critical hits. *Level requirement increases to 40 after level 1.

    Charge Usage Req.LvL:40 Max LvL:5 Type:Passive Prerequisite:Craftsman's Spirit (1) When equipped with a hammer, skills may instantly strike the enemy without charge time. Requires the Charge Usage Skill Book.

    Multi-pulverize Req.LvL:40* Max LvL:5 Type:AoE Prerequisite:Single Certain Hit (5) Area of Effect skill with a charge time. *Level requirement increases each time this skill is raised.

    Cook Gourmet Food Req.LvL:40 Max LvL:5 Type:Active Prerequisite:Cook Food (5) Advanced version of Cook Food, but still impractical. More ingredients on hand increases success rates. Gourmet items can have nearly no cooldown, but are hard to produce.

    Refine Weapon Req.LvL:50 Max LvL:20 Type:Active Prerequisite:Produce Weapon (5) Refine weapons to add G, DG, or XG to them. Requires a recipe scroll and ingredients. G-refined weapons have a greater damage output and no stat requirements.

    Refine Armour Req.LvL:50 Max LvL:20 Type:Active Prerequisite:Produce Armor (5) Refine a piece of armor to G, DG, or XG. Item decreases damage taken by a certain percentage. G-refined armors do not have stat requirements.

    Refine Accessory Req.LvL:50 Max LvL:20 Type:Active Prerequisite:Produce Accessory (5) Refine an accessory to G, DG, or XG.

    Crush Req.LvL:70 Max LvL:5 Type:Buff Prerequisite:Single Certain Hit (5) Increase the chances of a critical hit. Requires the Crush Skill Book.

    Single Destructive Hit Req.LvL:70 Max LvL:5 Type:ST Prerequisite:Single Pulverizing Hit (5) Charge your strength, swing your hammer in the air, and make a ground-breaking, destructive impact on the enemy. Requires a quest to be done at level 75.


    Jesters are a unique class to Seal Online. It is a support class, as well as a powerful ranged damage dealer. However, INT-based jesters are also considered to be one of the most expensive classes to maintain. They use throwing daggers in battle, although INT jesters also carry darts and other stackable items to throw for higher damage. Jesters wear Jester Armor and wield Daggers.

    Job change method:
    ① Go find "Circus-NPC Enkidoo" at Town Madelin.
    ② Once you have a conversation with Enkidoo, your job change will be complete!!


    Equipment Combo:
    Put enough points into AGI and INT to wear equipment. STR-based and uses combo. Add AGI depending on how much more accuracy you need. Saves money because it can use normal jester equipment. However, it is considered to have the weakest attack of all jester builds.

    Equipment INT:
    Put enough points into STR and AGI to wear equipment. INT-based and uses darts and/or monster drops. Add AGI depending on your accuracy needs. Saves money because it can use normal jester equipment. Decent damage.

    Put your points into STR and AGI and don't add any INT. Emphasis on STR. Good combo damage, but it's somewhat expensive since you need costume sets and/or G equipment.

    Good to solo with. Do not add STR. Instead, majority of your points go towards INT. Most powerful jester to solo with. Has enough accuracy to hit with and uses darts (or expensive monster drops). Need costume sets, G equipment, and/or special daggers.

    Pure STR:
    Most powerful combo jester. Cannot solo. Requires a priest the entire time you train to give you Bless (accuracy buff). Need costume sets, G equipment, and/or special daggers.

    Pure INT:
    Most powerful jester build in the entire game. Recommended only if you are extremely rich and have a priest with you at all times. Cannot solo. Need Bless for accuracy, as well as expensive equipment. Uses darts and expensive monster drops.


    Dagger Combo Req.LvL:10 Max LvL:5 Type:Passive Prerequisite:Martial Combo (5) Enables combos when using daggers. Main attack for STR-based jesters.

    Clownery Req.LvL:10 Max LvL:5 Type:Passive Prerequisite:Martial Combo (5) Increases AP recovery while sleeping.

    Passion Req.LvL:10 Max LvL:5 Type:Passive Prerequisiteagger Combo (5) XP (combo) meter fills up more when using normal attacks.

    Throw Anything Req.LvL:13 Max LvL:10 Type:Passive Prerequisite:Passion (3) Throw stackable inventory items to deal damage based off skill level, magic, and item cost.

    Feign Death Req.LvL:13 Max:1 Type:Active Prerequisite:Clownery (3) Fake death by lying on the floor. Enemies will not attack you while faking death.

    Leap Req.LvL15 Max LvL:10 Type:ST Prerequisite:Passion (3) Perform a flip in the air and throw a dagger with extra force.

    Cheer Req.LvL:16 Max LvL:10 Type:Active Prerequisite:Clownery (1) Completely fill another player's XP meter. AP cost decreases as skill level increases.

    Lullaby Req.LvL:16 Max LvL:10 Type:Buff Prerequisite:Clownery (1) Sing a song to speed up HP and AP recovery rates while others are sleeping.

    Accelerate Req.LvL:40 Max LvL:1 Type:Buff Prerequisite:Lullaby (5) Increase attack speed by 20.

    Masquerade Req.LvL:50 Max LvL:10 Type:Active Prerequisite:Cheer (1) Copy a stat from another player depending on their class (Attack from Warriors, Defense from Knights, Magic from Mages, Critical from Craftsmen, etc.).

    Party Accelerate Req.LvL:60 Max LvL:1 Type:Buff Prerequisite:Accelerate (1) Increase the attack speed of all nearby party members.

    Poison Dagger Req.LvL:70 Max LvL:10 Type:Buff Prerequisite:Passion (5) Self-buff. Poisons enemies at a certain success rate when throwing daggers.

    Great Leap Req.LvL:80 Max LvL:5 Type:ST Prerequisite:Leap (10) Improved version of Leap. Throws more daggers.

    Really Throw Anything Req.LvL:90 Max LvL:5 Type:Passive Prerequisite:Throw Anything (5) Effect currently unknown. Requires completion of a quest.

    Russian Roulette Req.LvL:90 Max LvL:5 Type:Buff Prerequisite:Throw Anything (5) Increase the chances of a critical hit. Requires the Russian Roulette Skill Book.

    Crawl Req.LvL:120 Max LvL:1 Type:Active Prerequisite:Feign Death (5) Crawl undetected while faking death.

    World Map:

    Mounts and Pets:
    The pet system can be simply described as an ongoing gigapet-type minigame in Seal Online. The only difference is that you actually get stat bonuses to help you as you raise your pet. There are 4 base pets, and 3 of them have multiple branches to evolve to. There are Seeds, Piyas, and Birds. Valkyrie is a special pet that is only acquired via events, and there are no alternate evolutions, except for the final stage.


    For those who love plants: this pet can evolve into several different flower and vegetable creatures. Seed pets are the easiest to raise and evolve, as they get hungry the fastest, gain more EXP from foods, and have demands that are easy to meet. However, their stat boosts are generally low. Seeds may evolve into pumpkins, peas, radishes, flowers, or even dryads.

    A pet version of the poult-like Piya. Piya pets are a little harder to raise than seed pets, but their stat boosts are higher. Pets of this type may evolve into different piya forms or real chickens.

    A bit self-explanatory, although this pet can evolve into several different flying creatures besides birds. Bird pets are often considered the most difficult to raise - they get hungry the slowest and gain much less EXP from foods than seeds and piyas. Their stat boosts are significantly greater than those of most seed and piya pets. Their evolutionary forms consist of various birds, flying pigs, bats, dragons, and the fabled phoenix.

    The same deity from Norse mythology, but it can only be gained from events. Despite its rarity, it is considered relatively easy to raise a valkyrie - it gets hungry faster than birds and gains a moderate amount of EXP when fed. All valkyries have the same first, second, third, and fourth stages, but there are two possible forms for the fifth stage. The fifth-stage valkyries are distinguishable by the differences in their stats and level requirements; however, both fifth-stage valkyries add a high amount of attack, magic, defense, evasion, and % damage increase.


    * Your pet becomes hungry when its Belly Meter falls below ½ (50%), but it can be fed at two-thirds (66%) hunger. Double clicking the image of your pet that's above the Belly Meter will summon the Food Menu. Feeding your pet food will give it experience points and recover its Belly Meter.
    * If you feed your pet what it asks for, the exp from the food is doubled.
    * If you feed your pet an equipment item, it will gain more exp than a standard item of the same price.
    * If your pet is hungry for too long, it will lose exp. Whenever your pet's exp reaches zero, no matter its level or what degree it's at, it will die and disappear. Second degree pets and pets that have just evolved are most vulnerable.
    * If you have nothing to feed your pet, playing with your pet will make it forget its hunger, but it will not grow. To play with your pet, click the image of your pet above the Belly Meter and choose "play" instead of "feed."
    * While fishing or in a town, a pet will not become hungry.
    * Using the cash shop item Auto Pet Feeder will automatically feed your pet with the specified item. If your pet wants something while using the Auto Pet Feeder, it will take it from your inventory if you are in possession of the item. Your pet will also lose less experience points when you are using the Auto Pet Feeder, this is because it is usually used for AFK purposes.


    * Pets who are Fifth Degree or above may become transporation tools when you have the right items. The only ways to obtain these items are through Craftsman smithing or the cash shop.
    * Instead of using actual pet mounts, you can use a Sleigh Ring, acquired from events; the only difference is that it works for all pets.
    * While riding your pet as a mount, you cannot attack monsters or be attacked.
    * Pet mount items disappear after a period of time or excessive use, so it might be a good idea to stock up on them periodically.
    * Cash shop mounts come in two time-limited forms: one week and three weeks. They may be ridden as long as the time has not run out.
    Name________ Compatible Pets_______ Image_______
    Pumpkin Lamp All Fifth Degree Plant pets

    Magic Lamp
    Veggie Faeries, True Veggie Faeries

    Float Stone
    All Fifth Degree Piya pets

    Pure Float Stone
    Turkey King/Queen, True Turkey King/Queen

    Transformation Scepter
    All Fifth Degree Beast pets

    Royal Scepter
    Bahamut/Phoenix, True Bahamut/Phoenix

    Transformation Ring of Heaven
    Valkyrie, True Valkyrie

    Armor Sets For Each Class:


    Info Source:
    Google and yahoo search.
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    finally I know which class to pick, thanks for the guide, have a cookie

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    Damn.... i didn't get to be a beta tester... i didn't even know they were making an official English seal online ! ...

    I hope the full version comes out soon xD
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    Goood now we only have to wait 9hours to play lol

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    cool, I'll probably be crafter( 10%) knight (40%) or a priest (50%)

    out of curiosity, do you get a restat after you change jobs???
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    Hmm very interesting thanks for the information.

    For CB I will play Warrior to get a feel for the game and explore without much hassle.

    I guess when OB comes I will most certainly be dual boxing a Warrior & FS Priest team, but now to decide if I'll do Pure Int or Int/Wis build.

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    You know that pure builds exist to right? the higher lvl armor and weapon doesn't need a stat xD A pure int mage owns big time and when they get sucky your at the part they can equip any kind of armor and equipment ^^ a pure vit priest is the best for PvP cause they don't die fast so they can heal party members and buff them :P

    There are sets such as school uniform where you need lvl38 to wear them so you won't look like a noob anyway >.>

    But who says you need job change by quest? Maybe it's liek jSO and you can choose your job immediately :P

    You also have more pure builds but you need ask AngelTales for those xD I know this to cause of him xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotbotishot View Post
    cool, I'll probably be crafter( 10%) knight (40%) or a priest (50%)

    out of curiosity, do you get a restat after you change jobs???
    yes,after you change jobs you can redistribute your stat points that you had at level 10.
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    very nice posts.. Much needed for a new game and greatly appreciated as well. Keep up the good work
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