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Thread: Anyone a mage? I have a question.

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    Default Anyone a mage? I have a question.

    I was wondering is when you level to 10 you use your spell overly, like ow's the cooldown too? so like basically i'm asking if you can use spells without using combo at all and kill monsters in 1-2 hits.

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    mages dont combo . period
    they dont even need to learn staff combo
    the first skill for fire and ice can be used continuous (low delay)

    when ur 18 , here comes a very important choice of ur life !!!
    the 2nd single atk spell comes
    if you max it , ull be able to one hit alot of things
    but then ull waste some skill points because the 3rd single spell requires you to have lv 5 of this lv 18 skill . . .
    so u have to choose - grinding speed or skill points . . .
    ps.the 3rd spell comes @ lv 45 or something
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