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Thread: Free first and third person shooters list

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    Default Free first and third person shooters list

    Free First and Third Person Shooters List

    Last Updated:
    Monday 24th March 2008

    Far Cry

    A free, but advertisement supported, popular first person shooter by Crytek.

    Red Alert: A Path Beyond
    Official site:

    A first/third person multiplayer shooter with the inclusion of vehicles, based on the Command & Conquer: Renegade engine and offers a similar gameplay experience.

    SAVAGE: The Battle for Newerth
    Official site:

    A formally commercial multiplayer first/third person shooter that hybrids FPS gameplay with a completely seperate RTS element.

    Player review:

    CellFactor: Revolution
    Official Site:

    The full version of the free first-person shooter released to promote the Ageia PhysX hardware.

    F.E.A.R Combat
    Official Site: COMBAT IS COMING

    F.E.A.R. Combat is the complete multiplayer component of F.E.A.R. and includes all the updates, additional official maps and additional official game modes all in one freely downloadable file.

    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

    Originally an expansion pack for Return To Castle Wolfenstein. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a freely downloadable multiplayer team-based first person shooter set in World War II.

    WarRock International
    Official Site: Official War Rock Website

    The English version of WarRock, a multiplayer first person shooter with the inclusion of vehicles. Also sold commercially.

    Americas Army: Special Forces
    Official Site: America's Army - Special Forces - Home Page

    A tactical multiplayer team-based first person shooter created by the United States Army. Also available commercially on several formats.

    Planetside: Reserves
    Official Site: Join the PlanetSide Reserves! Free Online Gaming up to Battle Rank 6! *

    The free version of the popular MMOFPS by Sony. Limited in its features and ranks contained in the commercial version.

    True Combat: Elite
    Official Site: TC:Elite - An Enemy Territory Modification

    A third-party modification for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, featuring modern, tractical team-based gameplay.

    Official Site: T R E M U L O U S

    Tremulous is a free, open source game that blends a team based FPS with elements of an RTS.

    Official Site: MoonDoggie Entertainment - Flamewar!

    A freeware game based on popular first-person shooter gameplay, created to poke fun at certain aspects of internet culture.

    Official Site: BZFlag - home

    BZFlag is a free multiplayer multiplatform 3D tank battle game. The name stands for Battle Zone capture Flag. Available on Irix, Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac OS X and other platforms.

    Gunz: The Duel
    Official Site: GunZ The Duel: International Edition

    A fast and frantic third-person online shooter. Extremely popular with a large community.

    StarSiege: Tribes
    Official Site:
    Download: FilePlanet: Starsiege: Tribes Full Game

    A futuristic multiplayer first/third person shooter. Released to promote the release of Tribes: Vengeance.

    Official Site: Phosphor - Rasterwerks

    An early release candidate of a full, multiplayer first person shooter created and run in a browser using the Shockwave plugin.

    Dispatch Of Army
    Official Site:

    A multiplayer first person shooter. Anticipated highly and boasts a comparable gameplay experience to Counter Strike.

    Headshot: Online
    Official Site:

    A Korean first person shooter. Korean Social Security Number required to register.

    Official Site: War§ow - A Fast Paced First Person Shooter Game

    A multiplayer first person shooter created for the Quake II engine.

    CodeRED: Alien Arena
    Official Site:

    A free, but commercially available, multiplayer first person shooter. Large community with fast gameplay.

    Official Site: Nexuiz

    A well-known first person shooter with a growing community.

    Marathon Series
    Official Site:

    Marathon is a series of science fiction first-person shooter computer games from Bungie Software originally released for the Apple Macintosh.

    Official Site:

    Sauerbraten is a free first person shooter, built as a major redesign of the Cube first person shooter.

    Official Site:

    Penumbra is an adventure horror game, without classic first person shooter elements. Exploration and puzzle solving are emphasised.

    D-Day: Normandy
    Official Site:

    D-Day Normandy is a Quake II conversion based on World War II. Quake II is not needed to play.

    Purge Jihad
    Official Site: MMORPG Free Online Games RPG Directory -

    Purge Jihad is a multiplayer first person shooter, with elements of role playing. Extremely small community.

    Enemy Territory: Fortress
    Official Site: ETF - Power Through Teamplay

    A third-party modifcation for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Similar gameplay experience to Quake III.

    Official Site: Free War Games from Kuma\War, 74+ War Games based on Reality

    A free, but commercially available strategic shooter that relives important events in the War In Iraq.

    Hidden And Dangerous

    A formally commercial World War II third person shooter, freely downloadable to promote it's sequel.

    Control Monger
    Official Site: Control Monger - Free Online First Person Shooter

    A highly promoted first person shooter with players taking control of destructive robotic machines.

    Official Site: Cube Engine Games

    A multiplayer first person shooter with an aim to replicate Quake-like gameplay.

    Digital Paint: Paintball 2.0
    Official Site: .:] Digital Paint [:.:] Paintball 2.0 [:.:] News [:.

    A multiplayer first person shooter with paintball.

    Official Site: .theprodukkt

    A single player first person shooter, 96kb in size.

    Official Site: Kingsborn - MegaGames freegames

    A first person shooter with online modes and single player frag matches.

    Inside The Beast

    A 3D first person shooter game.

    Golden Warriors

    A 3D first person shooter game.

    Space Fighter X11

    A third person shooter flight game set in space.

    Download: Doom Free Download

    Classic first person shooter.

    Vital Sign
    Official Site:

    A first person shooter with a small community.

    Acid Arena Turbo

    Acid Arena is a death-match orientated game.

    Navy Training Exercises: Strike & Retrieve
    Download: FilePlanet: Navy Training Exercises: Strike & Retrieve Client

    The first of a series of NTE games, this title was built by the Navy as an elite testing simulator, players are able to measure their abilities to handle the intense pressure situations and technical demands of being a real Navy recruit.

    Alien Trilogy
    Download: FilePlanet: Alien Trilogy

    Alien Trilogy features all the gut-churning fear of the complete Alien saga in one black-death, white- knuckle nightmare.

    Official Site:

    A multiplayer first person shooter with an established community.

    ATC: RayCrash
    Official Site: - Please wait . . .

    Ray Crash allows user customizable robots to do battle in several arenas in space and in cities in the near future.

    Realm Wars
    Official Site: Realm Wars Dev Site

    A fantasy themed first person style action game that emphasises massive team combat on an epic scale. Players can choose a race, customize your abilities and your appearance with an impressive array of weapons, armor and items.

    Download: Download Legends - Legends is a fast-paced first-person-perspective online multiplayer game. - Softpedia

    Legends is a fast-paced first-person-perspective online multiplayer game. The game is designed to take advantage of the beautiful environments available from the Torque engine it is based on.

    X Operations
    Download: X Operations - MegaGames freegames

    X Operations is a 3D game played in the first person perspective, in which you are a special operstive and have to carry out numerous missions. Some missions require you to face terrorists and evildoers on your own while in others you are part of an elite squad.

    Death Illustrated
    Download: FilePlanet: Death Illustrated 0.6

    A free first person shooter, built on the CUBE engine.

    Action Quake II
    Download And Installation Guide: Action Quake2 - All the speed and fun of your favorite action movie, without the cost of a ticket!!

    Action Quake is an action oriented first person shooter. It is based on action movies, where the premise is to kill stylishly.

    Official Site:

    Thundra by Spungulas Software is an FPS game developed by a small software house. It was sold through their website for $22 and a demo version was also released.

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    man sum1 sticky this already.. by the way, never saw D-Day: Normandy before, is it anygood?

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    Nice to start this section of with a list.

    "Thank goodness I have W-Blue Sky lives."

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    nice list I like americas army but I hate doin the training missions

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    Hay glad you made the list here in the NEW OnRPG forum. Oh and were is your Sig? I almost forgot who you were. *yes we were once buds way back in the day*

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    Nice to see the list is up and running. Good going

    [>::.Ex Runescape Player.::<]
    [::.Combat 116.::]

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    sounds weird but i think you should add UT2K4 Trial and Halo trial. Why? Because they have online play with active servers.

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    Having this as a Sticky would be nice.

    Been tying to find a good MMOFPS other than my Gunbound *hahahaha*, just haven't found a good list to find some "Variaty".

    Thx Murxidon for the selection :cool:

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    People still playing D-Day Normandy like anyone knows how many servers there are and son then I might try it...

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    Thumbs up

    good job making a fps list, yer list will be stickied.

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