Halloween is at the corner, Pumpkin Heads, Jack-O-Lantern, suddenly appearing in Age of Armor, What is coming next? No one knows; however, neutralize it before it would do much damage to the cities. The Pumpkin Heads Jack-O-Lantern will spawn at random in Domier and Osider Area. Find it and take it down, it must take mystery items along with it. The ghost will haunt in Age of Armor for the whole week, however, it is not easily to be found, if anyone want to hunt for it, make sure be patient and be careful, or you may miss the ghost.
Halloween Day is coming. Treat or Trick? It is up to you now, back from the battle frontline, gather your friends and go hunting for Jack-O-Lantern. Enjoy the Halloween, and enjoy Age of Armor with friends!
Future war, experience now! Free to Enjoy, just download the Client, and register you a free account, then start your Wonderful journey in the future war, Enjoy Halloween, and Enjoy Age of Armor--one of the most wonderful mech game, join us, and decide the future of the world!