Jack-O-Lantern, Pumpkin Heads, they are every where now! Age of Armor, Halloween Celebrations now start! Join the Ghost hunting events, and gain you a surprise gift. Do not forget to ask friends to enjoy the Halloween together.
Free for enjoying the future robot war game; free till the end of the universe! Halloween, a new start with friends in age of armor, Explore the universe, domain the Universe!

This event will continue for a whole week, however, it is not for those high level players, but for their friends, for the new c****s, Remember, an elite team is made of a group of people with talents and excellent equipment, the two elements can not be separated, a single one with best equipment, and others with poor equipment, will not bring a victory in a battle. Without friends, equipment is meaningless to one! That is the theme of the game. Brother Band, require brotherhoods, invite your friends to fight along with you, and this event would help them become strong faster and can be your partners for the following battle you will encounter.
Halloween, Celebrate with friends! Form you an invincible Corp!