Death Match Will Return to Age of Armor

 Death Match, will return to Age of Armor soon. In the last CB test, we found that there were some bugs in the instance, but the debug is always under running, and this whole Match system will come out in a few days.

 However, if one wants to join in the match, he should at least get level 21, and geared up with excellent equipment. Or he would be the mobile honor points.

 Here are some basic rules for the Death Match:

1. There will be bonus Exp per second according to the players level

2. Each kill will gain one 2 honor points.

3. Each kill will gain one lot of experience according to the rivalís level.

Here are the Prize set for the weekly Winners.

Rank Prize
Third HonorPoint+300 EXP=30000000

Second HonorPoint+700 EXP=70000000

First HonorPoint+1000 EXP=100000000