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Thread: Omg Seals Out (Im so Late)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotaznrice View Post
    OM G Just left onrpg for about 4 months and than all these games come out without my knowing. I might have to quit Halo 3 for a couple monts and wait till Seal Comes OB and get this dumb comp fixed. The excitment is so high this game sounds so good i only have a few question:

    1: It is going f2p rite??

    2: All the same classes?

    3: Basiclly same as JSO and all the other foreign ones?

    4: What the best classes in your opinion?
    It can be because it fast lvling or strong or maybe even AWSOME

    Plz dont think this is a stupid thread its just that ive been gone for so long I didnt reliaze seal will be out so soon ive waited since 2002 for it
    Well since no one is helping I might as well.

    1. Yes f2p. I haven't seen anything about p2p anywhere, and just about all other versions are f2p as well.
    2 & 3. I'm assuming 2 and 3 are about the same. Yes, eSO has all the same classes as jSO and the other foreign ones. I haven't played the foreign versions, but based on others' experiences on jSO, it pretty much is the same.
    4. Hmm, I don't really like to be biased about classes because each class was made because it can survive in the game. I picked the warrior because they have the best 1 on 1 abilities, are rumored to level up the fastest, and they have the longest, coolest combo chain animations. Their defense is second only to a knight's, but knights are also fairly weaker than warriors. It is true that knights get AoE which compensates for smaller damage, but short swords and shields just aren't my kind of style.

    What I always suggest - play the class that plays to your style. You won't enjoy yourself if you pick a class that's "rumored to be the best" but then end up not liking it. Like being a doctor just for the money instead of being a, say, dentist becauase it's your favorite job, you should really take your personal enjoyment first. Besides, it's only a video game. It's made to be enjoyed, so live it up!

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    1,2&3 - yes
    4 - i love knight and jester. but priests are needed in guild wars and high level parties.

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    Yes its free all same class.

    I just like the warrior and knights lil bit of jester.

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