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Thread: Armor Date and some History Events in AOA

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    Default Armor Date and some History Events in AOA

    The Blue Fox puts an end to the type of armor for fighting and is representative of the force-based armor for fighting. In the time where the all-round armor is getting more and more popular ,the Blue Fox holds the dignities of the armor for fighting.60 % of armor , 60% of shield ,45% of fighting weapons and resistance inlay the Blue Fox with outstanding attributes .
    Despite the fact that the Blue Fox does not come in right time , all of pilots with the experiences of running Blue Fox have to admit that the Blue Fox has been the best armor for fighting so far .
    What makes this armor famous is the second long-march fight, named Light Of Hope ”.Afterwards, this type of the armor quickly disappears.

    Name : Blue Fox
    Research Code : Lightning-B
    Robot Type : Fight
    Race : Enhanced Human
    Manufacturer: Global Federation Government / Research Center For Global Military Science And Technology

    Compared with the decline of the armor of fighting type, the armor of the type of long-distance attack has better fate.
    But this type of armors go down differently. In technical terms , Spider is much better.But with the complicated operation and unbelievably high rate of breakdown ,The spider is given the nickname ,called “Steel Black Widow”
    In the event of “Death Night”, the 28 pilots of Spider are attacked when they are out for commission,At that time , 16 of them break down fatally . Finally ,this team is thrashed . But this type of armors meets the refuses from all of pilots.
    Atfer the war is over, this type of armors go through big improvements with more than 1400 mistakes found and corrected .Somebody says satirically that it may be that the silly officers place the order to tractor manufactor .

    Name : Spider
    Research Code : Whale-K
    Robot Type : Long-distance attack
    Race : Enhanced Human
    Manufacturer: Global Federation Government / Research Center For mechanically-powered weapons

    A typical armor for long-ranged attack. The power of its laser weapons was increased by 30%! At the same time, its fire-range, scout range, locking range were also largely extended.

    As its strong firepower needed large number of power, the other capability of the armor was even weaker than the normal armor.
    At the very beginning, this kind of armor was called Sniper, which was used by Yuchen. Yuchen is one of the most successful drivers in the human history, and he had a nickname- Butcher From Hell. Driving this armor, he killed thousands of enemies.

    Armor Name: Devourer
    Research Code: SHunter-I
    Type: Long-range attack
    Race: Human
    Manufacturer: The Republic of Aesir

    Star Dust

    Electromagnetism weapon continued to show its dreadful power. At the destruction of targets, the afterwards blast could still cause damage to electronic equipments nearby.
    “Star Dust’ adopted Electromagnetism Weapons, and it was subject to Silver Star Project.

    Good performance and low cost made it welcomed by the pilots. It was used to equip the army at the end of the first expedition. 230,000 models had been produced before the second expedition broke out.

    Armor Name: Star Dust
    Research Code: Silver Star-KT II
    Type: long-range attack/special combat
    Race: Neo-human
    Manufacturer: The Republic of Aesir


    Following the all-round armor is refused , the improvement of the armor of the Enhanced Human returns to old way again. Hyena is the improved type of the third generation of Lightning Armor . Compared with old ones , what characterizes it most is that the achievements of research on transmission of Armor Projection is put into practice.
    One of the characters of this type of armor is the removal of 10% of attack interval. There are about 20,000 armors of this type produced .Hyena becomes one of important armors for regional security body.

    Name :Hyena
    Research Code : Lightning -F
    Robot Type : Fight
    Race : Enhanced Human
    Manufacturer: Global Federation Government/Research Institute For Mechanically-Powered Weapons.


    Another outstanding all-round Armor, “Executor” is famous for its powerful melee attack. The argument “Enhanced-human has the best melee attack Armor” was not true any more as this model came into being.

    In Solar System Security War, this Armor assisted human army to win the battle of “Space Storm” and pushed the battlefront onto the orbit of Jupiter.


    The slow progress on weapon enhancement made the development of neo-human Armors come into a choke point. Meanwhile, the Earth Expeditionary Force achieved breakthrough in enhanced-human Armor research. High level enhanced-human Armors were used to equip their forces.

    Mars’ advantages on technology became thinner. In “Grant Space Station Battle” in 2113, the Mars legion gathered 370,000 Armors and space battleships of all types to fight against the 1,200,000 army of the Earth Expeditionary Force.

    It lasted for 3 months; the Earth Expeditionary Force eliminated 290,000 Mars soldiers by paying the cost of 750,000 lives, the Mars was compelled to retreat.

    This battle greatly weakened Mars advantages at Grant Space Station. Mars legion had to transfer forces from “Storm” for support.

    The situation urged Mars to develop new Armors. In 2134, a new generation of neo-human Armor was created. Its general weapon system received remarkable enhancement.

    “Stars” came as an Armor of new generation. Despite enhancement of weapons, its capacitances, energy cover resistance and body resistance were also considerably improved.

    The success of Stars consolidated Mars advantages on technologies.

    Armor Name : Stars
    Research Code: StormX-ST
    Type : Long-range attack
    Race: Neo-human
    Manufacturer: The Republic of Aesir


    In order for targeting rate, the long-distance armor of Enhanced Human in the earlier stage has to come to a stop while attacking from long distance.
    As a result , the Humpback gives up short-distance fight and changes over to follow the all-round consolidated shields , armor defense and resistance capacity .
    Compared with the succedent armors of Enhanced Human , the Humpback does not shine in any respect But ,however, as the first batch of the armor produced together with reflecting armors.the Humpback still gains a great number of orders by its cheaper price.
    After the long match for the first time, the Humpback becomes the key component in terms of the long-distance power for expedition.

    Name :Humpback
    Research Code : Whale
    Robot Type : Solid Ammunition
    Race : Enhanced Human
    Manufacturer: Global Federation Government /Research Institute For Mechanically-Powered Weapons.


    As the relationship between Mars and Earth became more and more tense, a war seemed unavoidable. Scientists began to note the importance of armor’s weapons. As the armor itself is also the bottleneck of firepower, scientists started their research on improving the capability of the armor.
    Different from Observer and Explorer, Confessor is completely a war machine. Its energy shield durability, engine drive, CI performance, and the firepower of its laser weapons were largely improved.
    It began to be used as the armor of the main force in 2095, and was one of the most widely used armors in First Anabasis.

    Armor Name: Confessor
    Research Code: L·R·A-L
    Type: Long-range Blow
    Race: Human
    Manufacturer: E.U. Government


    Zealot was the only human Armor whose shield was specially enhanced. After the human nerve sensor system was taken out, one-hand weapon and shield became the standard equipment of human Armors.

    The enhanced shield endurance and block helped this Armor receive warm welcome among pilots.

    The famous general of Mars, Wizard Jiang, chose this model as his Armor. His unbelievable record of destroying a middle-sized battleship by a single Armor still feared the enemies.

    It was this model that made those proud enhanced-human and neo-human pilots have to rethink about the capabilities of human Armors.

    Armor Name: Zealot
    Research Code: Crusade
    Type: All-round type
    Race: Human
    Manufacturer: The Republic of Aesir


    The “Death Night” makes the Research Center For Mechanically-Powered Weapons notorious as
    a large number of technicians leave . Before long , it is swallowed by his old competitor ,the Research Center For Global Military Science And Technology.
    After emerging , the ambitious Research Center For Global Military Science And Technology begins the research on “Ancient Creator ” in a secret way and comes up with an idea to produce the best all-round armors
    The Swallow is the first achievement by new Research Center For Global Military Science And Technology . The research on the Swallow finally comes to an end by engaging the most excellent
    Talents .
    The improvements on weapons ,spurt speed , targeted area and resistance promote this type of armor as good as the executor. But ,pitifully, the excellent armor can do nothing to change the history.

    Name : Swallow
    Research Code : Ancient
    Robot Type : All-round
    Race : Enhanced Human
    Manufacturer: Global Federation Government / Research Center For Global Military Science And Technology.


    To meet the needs of special combats and missions (such as ambush, assassination, and destruction), Mars legion needed a power-effective, high speed special Armor.

    And for that reason “Assassinator” was born. This Armor is one of the productions from Plan “Dawn”. The research started in 2115, and the first experimenting model was developed in 2123, and was used to equip the special force in 2125.

    Compared with Armors of the same type, all the weapons equipped on Assassinator were enhanced by 40%, and its armor class, move speed, energy cover endurance and resistance also got improved. The most important point is, Assassinator could save 50% of power compared with same type Armors, which made it the first choice for those secret missions.

    Armor Name : Assassinator
    Research Code: Bright-Assassinator
    Type : Special combat/long-range attack
    Race: Neo-human
    Manufacturer: The Republic of Aesir
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