Competition time

Preselect match in Monday (19:00 starts to register)

Promotion match in Thursday (19:00 starts to register)

Monthly final match in the 4th week (19:00 starts to register)

Competition round and Competitor quota

I. Preselect match to win 50 players

Instruction: preselect match in Monday, which will made the first 50 players to enter the promotion match.

II. Promotion match to win 25 players

Instruction: promotion match in Thursday, which will made the first 25 players to enter the monthly final match.

III. Monthly final match to win the first 10 players

Instruction: monthly final match is contended by 100 players who won from each promotion match.

IV. Every player can obtain the reward below

1. System will bestow bonus experience per second according to your level.

2 .System will present distortion module experience per second, for you to choose.

3 .Each kill will gain 2 honor points. will gain one 2 honor points.

4 .Each kill will gain corresponding experience reward

5.Those who can kill the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in last promotion match may gain 300000,150000,100000 experience rewards.

6. “Mystical gift” will be stochastic generated in competition scene.


I. Registration rules;

1. The sign-up function of “Death Arena“will open to all at 19:00 pm and last to 20:00pm.

Enrollment at the camp added restrictions, Earth and Wars all 50 enrollment eligibility.

2. The competitors can click the league Administrator button at 19:20 pm to be transferred into preparative Space to start the last preparation.

3. All the competitors can click the teller of preparative Space to quit the competition from the time you sign-up to 20:00 pm.

4 Within 20:20, all the competitors who have quit the competition before can click the league Administrator again to enter the system compositor if the number of sign-up hasn’t reached at 100.

5 The competitors can be transferred into the preparative Space at 19:20 pm and click the teller of preparative Space at 19:30 to check in, and then the competitors will be transferred into the Death Arena to start the competition.

6 The competition will end at 20:29:30. All the competitors can check the competition list after the competition, and will be sent back to Larmeya automatically after 30 seconds.

II. Race rules

1.After being transferred into the battle, the system will open the molly mode automatically after 5 seconds you can attack or be attacked during this period

2. After open the molly mode, there will be no bloc and all the competitors are adverse to each other, all the competitors can fight to all

3 The time of fight is 59 minutes.

4 The competitors will be transferred to reparative Space after dead. The competitors need to click the teller of league Administrator and can be transferred into the battle again every 5 seconds.

5 The competitors can relive at stochastic space in the arena basis on the HP when the competitors was in the reparative Room and the competitors will have 5 seconds of invincibility.

6 The competitors can click the League Administrator of Larmeya to check the competition list and next qualification of competition after competition or go to the official website of AOA to get detailed information.

III Rules of score of the league

1. Every competition system list is basis on the statistic of the total scores of the last 30 seconds before the competition ended.

2. The total scores are the sum of live Time scores and illing Time scores plus added reward scores.

3. Time scores are basis on the scores of competitor living time in the arena and the competitor can gain one score every 30 seconds.

4. Scores of killing are basis on the scores of killing in the arena and added scores which including the time of collecting condensable Time Block which will have 20 minutes of living time; and the scores of finished effect Killing and professional Killing.

5. Killing means the award scores for the competitor who kill other competitors continuously within second professional Killing means the competitor successfully kill the Champion, Runner-up and No. Three of Week Final which will relevant gains the award scores of 30, 20 and 15