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Thread: Absolute Equip Set

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    If you find one of these items, you have to manually equip it.

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    It drops to the ground also, it doesnt magically appear.

    There IS a set limit, and its been reached on both Jewelia AND Fantasia...(my guess is 3-5)

    an announcement will be made if someone loses a certain item...Everybody will probably start flooding maps to get them too..

    You need to get 1 boss seal for each equipment you have per week. Ex: you have the full set, you'll need 3 boss seals per week to keep the set

    PVP and GvG is a big NO with these items, you'll die and lose them soo quick if you think because you have them you're uber

    They are uber however, theres a level 30ish raccoon I've seen who trains at Techi Field 4 (level 250+ enemies) with the full set...And they do 0 damage to him

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