On November 18.2007, the Product Manage, the Operating Manage and Cust**** Service Manage of Age of Armor will be on the Forums to answer the questions that the Players want to ask, and besides that, some of you said that you have never saw them on the Forums before, and this time, their ID will be known to everyone, they are also in game too,. They play the game from the same start as everyone does, you will find that those mystery guys are fight along with you, you may be teammate or rivals, and you may have already know each other a lot in game, and this time, they will be on the Forums, with their real ID to communicate with you! Feel free to join this Q&A event, 07:30 P.M GMT-5 on November 18 2007. The Operating team leaders, waiting for your questions! Infinity Excellent Talk Show, Do not miss it!

By the end of the Talk show, we will elect some Lucky Stars and those Lucky ones will get a special Gift in game. Do remember, 07:30P.M GMT-5 November 18 2007. Be There or Be Square!

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