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Thread: AOA Thanks-Giving Day Celebration Events

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    Default AOA Thanks-Giving Day Celebration Events

    Thanks-Giving Day is coming, to show our thanks to our Age of Armor supporters, we prepare a series of events to celebrate the Thanks-Giving Day with every Age of Armor fans.

    First, Deathmatch League started, and People can enter weekly final by take part in only one primary match! Fight for honor! Fight for the Prize!

    Second, the biggest one! Thanks-Giving Day Turkey Hunting Game, in this event, there will be turkeys spawn on each planet, at 06:00 A.M server time and 06:00P.M server time. Each successfully turkey
    hunt can enable the player loot parts of the turkey and the turkeys’ part can used to exchange for prize from NPC, those prize are really rare things in game.

    Finally, we have prepared some thanks giving accounts to feedback the Age of Armor fans, these thanks giving account are with special prize with in, besides the prize, there will be a random lucky star electing event, and the chosen two would get tickets of Olympic Game in Beijing 2008, For the August 20, 2008 Track and field final.

    Age of Armor Free for enjoying, free to conquer! This Thanks-Giving Day, join us now!

    For more details please visit the official site:

    For more friends:

    WIN THE TICKETS FOR OLYMPIC GAME——Thanks-Giving Day Thanks giving account giving away event

    Dear players:

    Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner, to pay tribute to the novice players, Age of Armor solemnly launched “Thanksgiving Accounts " event.

    Feedback 1:

    Age of armor will be issued a 10000 Thanksgiving accounts, those which will include:

    Acquirement resetting item 1

    Lv3 Ammo of particle weapon 200

    Lv3 Ammo of electromagnetic weapon 200

    Lv3 Ammo of laser weapon 200

    Lv3 Ammo of canister weapon 200

    Lv3 Ammo of homing weapon 200

    Communication Equipment 10

    Feedback 2:

    When the Thanksgiving account you got reached LV15, GM will pick the luck on-line to get

    the following lucky gifts on Thanksgiving Day.(Extraction time will be published in the news ,please note)

    The prizes for the activities:

    First prize: Ticket for 2008 Olympic Game in Beijing, 2 winners(August 20, 2008. Track and field final.)

    Second prize: Type-5 chips, 10 winners

    Third prize: Type-3 skills chips, 20 winners

    Third Honors players will be paid by the GM on the spot. First, second prize players please confirm addresses, and other information with GM after winning.

    Age of Armor, Free for Enjoying, Free to Conquer! This Thanks-Giving Day, start you a new journey in the universe!
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