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Thread: I gotta say.. I suck badly ._.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xSoulEx View Post
    um, it takes about a week to get used to. just use spitters till you get better.
    Took me a few hours to get used to the controls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greed View Post
    Any tips or anything for this game? I just started yesterday and I screwed up completely. This is probably the second 3rd Person Shooter that I suck at D: (First was Gunz but bleh I didn't like that anyway)

    Anyone who plays this game want to give me advice or train me kinda? Any help would appreciated.

    If this were any other game then I would've stopped long time ago but I gotta say I'm loving the giant robot theme <3 Reminds me of Super Robot Wars without the tactical aspect.
    i used to play and was pretty good, but i left cause i got bored of it... anyway, here are my tips.
    (sorry if any of these get repeated, didnt bothe reading all the replies)

    for death match:

    1) use weapons that compliment each other, 2x smg is ok if your grade A noob, but you get stuck with the reload times and have to change alot, which is bad because this sucks up your energy.

    I recommend either smg+ a melee weapon (i prefer sword, hits multiple targets) or smg+ rifle, that way you can do kind of a hit and run tactic by hitting w/ smg, then boosting backwards and using rifle. this works especialy well on people who rely on melee.

    2) use boost wisely!!!

    Dont use up all of your boost getting to the fight, because once you get there, your all but useless.
    Also, dont forget about your jump boost, when you have someone charging you and shooting at the same time, jump boost over them, turn around, and shoot at them. you would be supprised how many people cant seem to relocate you fast enough when you do this.

    3) Know your Surroundings.
    Study the maps a little by playing some solo Last stands at level one, and just run around memorizing the map instead of actualy playing the mission. Then, if your all ranged gear, you can back peddal through most of the map in a real match and pummel the enemy with bullets.

    4) use skills wisely

    Some skills do not require a target to be used, i forget what its called, but the one where 2xsmg are required is a good example, if you use that skill while everyone is shooting at you, you are temporarily invincible and once the skill is done, jump boost away. (or just boost if your a heavy)

    5) if you are melee,

    use a grab skill that pushes an enemy back when the skill is done, and try to use this skills while the enemy is against a wall. After the skill is done, sneak in a couple extra attacks with your melee weapon(s) before they can move, and when they do move, they will have to follow the wall for a little while, they cant just boost backwards. (this works best with swords imo, but play style all depends on you)

    In capture the flag:

    1) talk to your damn team! i cant tell you how many match's i have seen lost because of poor communication, or NO communication.

    2) ALWAYS make sure you have MINIMUM 2 people guarding the flag (3 suggested as minimum on a 8v8 game)

    3) make sure the LIGHTEST POSSIBLE TEAM MEMBER is the one who gets priority on the flag capture, and always make sure he has an escort or two, that way even if he dies, if the escort is good, they can pick the flag up from his metal corpse, and keep running with it.

    4) familiarize yourself with the quickest AND least travled ways from their flag, to yours. Sometimes, taking the long road back once you get the flag is good, because most people expect you to take the quickest way. And if your taking the side roads home, and they take the main road, chances are they wont run into you, and if your defenders do their job, they shouldnt capture your flag either.

    5) and last, but definately not least. BRING A RECTIFIER (healing gun) [spell check?] if you are the only person with a rectifier, do not try to capture the flag unless your the only person capping, you should instead be accompanying the capper, and healing him as he runs through a bunch of bullets to get the flag back.

    Edit: btw, if anyone wants to play w/ me, my xfire name is burnedbacon
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    I would own this game so hard if it didn't lagg on me.

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