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Thread: Admin!~ Pls Help! TQ

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    since egame server i started played this game~~ (EP1). see how this game bring us into world of fantasy.. but thrust me.. its not just a fantasy. but this RAN is a life for me~(maybe for u all too). now ep3 already! still hard to leveling fast~ can your side increase the exp n drop rate~ a bit also enough! i leveling 24h with triple rosary only can get 70++%. Realy hard! not even 1 lvl~~ with triple somore! me still noob in here~ still low lvl but cant get 1 lvl with triple 24h~ TQTQTQTQTQ

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    o well, basically you will have to keep track on the official website to see when they will have a double experience event or more...time to time i see that ran online has the most event compared to most games...but that is what i see...i don't know about the rest so much compared to ran online so far.

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