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Thread: this is what WoW SHOULD HAVE been like

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    Default this is what WoW SHOULD HAVE been like

    now before you start teh FLAME FEST!!! let me get my point out..

    ok, so Warcraft started back in the 1990s (or around that time) and it was an RTS (for those of you who dont know that means you would set up a base, create soldiers, and go kill the other person's base). Then came along Warcraft III, and this is where things got wacky...

    Blizzard decided to put RPG elements into the game by making heroes, giving them experience, items, and money. This made warcraft III 3/4 RTS 1/4 RPG. Logically, the next step would have been to make a game that was 3/4 RPG and 1/4 RTS, which is what this game is. Instead, Blizzard skipped this step and went straight into RPG mode. This was a huge gamble on their side, as this was the first of its kind. Fortunately for them, it worked out.

    basically, my point is Warcraft is an RTS series, and making an RPG game causes the RTS part of the game to become semi-obsolete, because now Blizz is tied up with weekly updates - expansions - etc. While numerous other franchises, like Command and Conquer, have the upper hand in creating RTSs.

    If Blizzard ever wanted to make an RTS again, it cant ever be Warcraft, but if WoW was played like GE, they would have total versatility.

    ok, now you may begin teh flame fest!

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    umm....WoW is making more money then command and conquer, so im pretty sure they are doing something right..

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    That is purely a matter of preference. Some people find it annoying to have to juggle between 3 characters. I think WoW was fine before Burning Crusade and the Outlands. Now World PvP is dead and you're gonna take forever from 60 - 70 to gear up for raids.

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