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    Hey, I was just wondering, because Trickster PWNZORZ so much, if there is a TeamSpeak server for it, or if anyone can make one, I'm tired of searching >_> and when I DID find something that ppl commented about on Trickster Forums, they were 1 year old, and I just got an ERRROR when I put in the IP and everything... I mean, I HAVE XFire and all, but I want to kinda talk to ppl that I don't really know too well, but can make friends w/ them... lawl xP

    So, if ya have anything, just post meh back, with a link or a confirmation or just something for God's sweet sake... I'd really appreciate any help!

    BTW, if u want to find/talk to meh on Trickster, my name is ipwndj00lawlz and I'm a lvl 5 Lion... or I might sometimes be on my 31 BUNNEH named LittleTaru :P lawl... yea.... I'm done now.... THANKS!:3:3:3
    (Ventrilo Servers are fine too)
    btw... I forgot, for those of you WITH XFire, add me as atriuxx... that's all :P

    (And search Atriux1 on to watch my videos)
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