Age of Armor, conquer the space now!

  More than 40days have passed since Age of Armor Open Test started, we find that many of the players have rocketed up to level 35 and level 40, and there are feel things left for them to conquer, to fill their eager of conquering the universe, we decide to activate the Space war a little earlier than the preplanned timetable, however, this area is still under testing, as the mobsí hp, the loots, and the drop rate, those are not finally decided, the develop department will make some flexible change while the space planet running.

To make the space of more challenges and fun, some new missions and new bosses are added in the space planet; our cute Cage will not be lonely this time, and the players will have more bosses to challenge now.

Besides the bosses, the space is a PVP zone, fight between Mars and Earth comes every where, so it is better team up to explore the space, a single one can hardly do anything in space.

  The Space area will be activated after the Routine Maintenance on Wednesday 2007-12-05.

  Age of Armor, who will be the Lord of the Universe?