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    Default character....

    I have owned this game for almost 1 whole year and i really cant make it to 20 because i keep on deleting my characters for some reason and it gets more boring each time i do it so can anyone help with my problem?

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    its a lot of things to do but yeah it can be boring sometimes..
    I only strive for maxing out my titles u should do the same will keep u busy for a while or farm for good stuff.. for builds.

    IGN: Aoni the elemtalist if u have any questions thou im in Europe so it might differ when im online thou.

    PvP u can do that as well get fame or getting the gladiator title just improvise with different skills be creative.

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    Ummm...if you're not getting to Level 20 you're not playing it right...

    Remember you have 4 character slots - if you don't like a character, you shouldn't delete it - just use a different slot. Keep 1 slot for PvP, and if you get bored of playing through the storyline (which you should complete before complaining of boredom), go onto your PvP character and do a couple of random arenas.

    Once you've got to level 20 and completed the campaign is where boredom can become an issue - which is why the GW team invented Hard Mode! Pitting your skills against more fearsome opponents to fight through the campaign again for even more rewards!

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    Default buy gane

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