Swift Higher Stronger

Low DMG in Battle field? Low survival chance in Death Match? Want to be a hero in the siege war? Now you have the chance to achieve your goals!

Age of armor will have its Item shop coming soon, by then “Swift higher and stronger” is no longer dreaming. Swift, new assistant items will help people upgrade more faster than before, as well as provide more survival chance in Battles, Higher, kinds of Skill chipsets will enable one do much more dmg on his enemies; stronger, now you can not only add more slot on your control cabin but also you can make slot on any cabin if you like, then you can have as many as enhancer set in as you wish, what you need is have an age of armor free account, and you can access PayPal. That is enough.

“Swift Higher Stronger” nothing is impossible in Age of Armor.

Age of Armor Online shop enchant your armor with invincibility to Shock the universe! Online shop is coming soon!