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Thread: Age of Armor Online Shop Opens

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    Default Age of Armor Online Shop Opens

    Age of Armor, Special Item Shop opens, Paypal access will be enabled at 01:00A.M server time on 2007-12-13.

    There will be rank4 and rank5 ammos available now.

    Skill chipsets: rank 4 to 6. Enable you be more powerful

    Enhancers: rank 4 to rank 6. Enable you be stronger

    Stabilization chips: protect your precious items while composing

    Optimizing Chips: Enable you a 100% rate of chipset composing

    Kinds of Dyestuffs: Armors are not of the dull colors now!

    Double Exp Cards, Double Attributes raising time cars, level up will not be a tough work.

    To get those wonderful things, only need an AOA account, and you can access to Paypal without trouble.

    Make sure you have recorded every deal you have done with Paypal, in case of avoiding unnecessary loss.(as the system will be under testing for the first few days to see if it is stable enough)

    NOTE:Online shop Postponed

    Dear all
    As the Paypal accessing is not perfectly done yet, so the card purchase system will be available on 2007-12-17.
    Age of Armor Oversea Operation Team

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    Default Very Nice

    helow guys I'm beginer here plss teach me how

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricarandy View Post
    helow guys I'm beginer here plss teach me how
    Someone should teach you how to stop being an idiot and learn how to spell.

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