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Thread: DOMO - Cannot access the game! [URGENT]

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    Default DOMO - Cannot access the game! [URGENT]

    Hello guys I'm just too depressed today, first Latale goes ice on me and now DOMO doesnt work >_< OH THE HUMANITY!!!
    Ok let me y'all tell you what happens when i CLICK the game, so this small ugly patch thingey comes, I pressed "start game" like any reasonable human being and voila! the game window appeared and I'm like clapping because the loading of the game is well loading.. anyways SUDDENLY it turned black uh-oh! and my whole COMPUTER FREEZES, why oh god whyyy? i have all required properties (well exept for my RAM which is ehm..little less than 512) anyways i have 3 Graphics cards and 1 of them is 3D accelerator, then how come this happens? i dont have programs polluting my computer, I have just like 5 necessary programs or something, and my disk capacity is 80 GB! RAWR!! feel my wrath!! and oh- i kept trying and trying and now before I posted this thread my screen went blue and black on me! yeah i know "WTF?" i can move the cursor and everything but damn the screen is like blue and a bit of black
    Some one please help me
    (sorry for ranting alot, you'll get used to me =P)

    This thread can be removed, The Problem has been solved.
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    Default Help!!

    I have the same problem!! TT__TT and don't know how to fix it...

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