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Thread: Miss Ran Online !

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    Default Miss Ran Online !

    Registration : 26/12/2007 ~ 29/12/2007; 3:00PM (GMT + 8 )
    Voting: 30/12/2007 ~ 6/1/2008; 3:00PM (GMT + 8 )

    Ladies and Gentlemen !

    Listen up all!

    In conjunction with the all year end celebrations and also the success of collaborating with myRosso, I am proud to announce that we'll be organizing this event, which is in search of our very own Miss Ran Online !

    Ladies, if you wish to participate, here is what you will have to do :

    1.Participants are to email in their profile which consists of a half body picture of them, personal details such as real name, date of birth, age, current location, in game name, game character, character level, hobby and description of themselves.
    2.Only ten participants will be selected and questionnaires will be given by the MODS and me for the participants to answer.
    3.Winner, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up will be counted out based on votes sent in by all players in this forum.

    Gentlemens, you can also help your lady friends to participate by sending their informations in provided you HAVE THEIR CONSENT to do that.

    The Rules are :

    1.Players that can participate are females only. A full profile must be sent in or else it will be disqualified as it does not contain sufficient information.
    2.Players are required to send in their profile to (Subject: Miss Ran Online)
    3.The organizer reserves the rights to display participants profile at website and at forums, including of the picture once they sent in their profile. Players do not have the rights to withdraw back their pictures and profiles even if they have lost the competition once the profiles are sent in.
    4.The winners are all judged by votes from players; therefore, no appeals for redoing the contest all over again will be accepted as the whole competition will be fair.

    We're proud to announce that the prizes will be sponsored by myRosso and the prizes are as :

    Winner : Board costume Box (7D) + +9 weapon (15D) depend on characters level
    1st runnerup : Board costume Box (7D) + +8 weapon (15D) depend on characters level
    2nd runnerup : Board costume Box (7D) + +7 weapon (15D) depend on characters level

    Should you require more informations, don't hesitate to PM me or mail me or YM me !
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