I didn't want to make a topic about this and instead wanted to look around as much as possible to find out what my problem is but alas, I must ask since I have yet to find anything to help.

Here is the problem I am having. Whenever I double-click the playNC launcher to run Exteel, it does its scheduled thing before it goes ahead and launches the game. But as it's about to initiate, I get an error that says

"Exteel.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." As I've said, I've looked around on these forums and have tried googling for answers and the exteel forum itself but have found nothing that pertains to my problem.

Am I having this error because the game server is down or something? Or maybe it has to do with my PC.. I don't know but if someone could please answer, I'd be grateful.