Hey All. My Gramma Isnt All That Good But Ahwell

Im interested into buying a level 50+ vagabond swords - man on any server
( s1,s2,s3 ) i will only be paying on www.ebay.co.uk or www.ebay.com

I will pay in pounds ( ), Im Too young to have credit card or whatever so my brother or cousen will have to do it for me
they have paypal and credit cards etc...
If u are interested into selling your lvl 50+ vagabond please email on
jor_2005@hotmail.co.uk, or even add me ( i would prefer ) i only understand english ok hehe.

I Would like it with stuff but i dont mind if it is clean ( just a reminder, clean is guna be less than items ofcorse, keep that in mind )

thank you