Game Name: SneezyMUD

Game Description:

Are you looking for a challenge? Looking for a MUD with a vibrant and cohesive world to explore? Looking for originality, lighthearted depth and complexity? Looking for a MUD with active development, world expansion, enthusiastic immortals and players?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your search may be over. SneezyMUD is an all-original, intricate and exciting game that challenges new players and keeps long term players returning for more, year after year. We have been developing our MUD and constantly improving our code since 1992.

SneezyMUD offers an immense, detailed world to explore and adventure in and many paths to take as a character. Care to be a necrophobic, alcoholic cleric? A thief turned vampire, feeding off the innocent? A warrior by day and lumberjack by night? A pious but blind deikhan with secret Psionic abilities? A powerful fae-touched shaman? Find all this and more at SneezyMUD.

Discover our complex character creation options, the creative skills that add depth to the usual hack and slash and most of all, our friendly and welcoming playerbase. We look forward to seeing you there.

Telnet to 7900


Publisher: SneezyMUD

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux/Unix

Genre: Text-based MUD

Status: Released May 1, 1992

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