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Thread: Anyone wanna be friends and so some party q's and train together?

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    Default Anyone wanna be friends and so some party q's and train together?

    Lol, my char name is "NickNewman"

    you may or havn't seen me around but i just started last night and i've been playing for like 22hours straight and getting help im lvl 23 now so i heard this thing called PQ? I need help with it and how to get there.. so ya add me a sfriend i'll come and play with u!

    ttyl enjoy new years!

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    It's in kerning city and you need to be lvl 21? But even then your probably to weak to do much of a damage so you'll probably just be extra weight. If your not a mage then your going to have a hard time finishing or getting invited into a party to do it.

    Also ya might want to state what server your playing on eg bera, windia, khani etc

    They'res lotsa guides on pqs out there, googles your friend

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    Yes , Party quest is a very easy way of leveling up and making new friends . There are many different types of party quest , but the one your looking for is the one for level 21-30 . Which is located at Kerning City (Where the 3 Drain holes are). The easiest way to get into a Kerning Party Quest is go on a popular channel (usually ch. 1) and spam "Joining PQ".

    I think this is posted in the wrong section though.

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