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    I haven't played Seal Online yet, and I'm curious about starting it. I just want to know, overall how the game is. The pro's and cons, how the combo system adds to the excitement of the game, how the quests are, the grind, etc. Also anything else that anyone thinks I need to know about the game.


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    the quests are pretty much normal.. gather x amount of items n hand it in. or go talk to a number of people.. simple quests.

    grind ?? not much. u can be lvl 30 in 1 day if u know where to hunt. party up n u will level real fast.

    combos ?? always fun to do.. at least it feels like a combo since u need to time ur combo right, n theres various combinations for it.

    awesome pet system. u have to feed ur pet when its hungry, u need to evolve it when its ready ( becoming a stronger pet ), various different kinds of pets. pets add stats to ur char. u can also ride it ( complicated to explain it. )

    classes are okay. u got the tanker ( knight ), melee damage dealer ( warrior ), ranged damage dealer ( jester ), mage, buff ( priest ), and the crafter ( craftman ). so basically the game offer classes that every guilds need to have one. there is no 2nd job at the moment, it will be coming around 2008 ( hopefully... the korean version is planning to have one )

    there is fishing system. u can do it manually or automatically. if ure bored with hunting, u can always do manual fishing. its fun. or if ure going to sleep, u can just leave ur char afk fishing. fishing can give u fish ( HP or AP or HP n AP pots ), equipments, and refine gems ( not easy to get it though... )

    theres also a couple system. u can couple with opposite sex and get rewards for it. for x amount of days being together, u can get rewards. rewards are roses ( good pet foods ), firecrackers ( useless ), wedding equips, different kind of benches ( if u sit together )

    tons, n tons, n tons of equipments.. some monsters drops their weapons or accessories as equipments.

    oh n theres pvp and guild wars.
    overall its a good game.

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