Okay, I wanted to get this working. If we can, it would be great to get a group of people doing advanced job quests, leveling up or missions together. What we need is for people to post their server (which should mostly be slyph) and then their level of characters, preferably levels below 20 or perhaps above, or just those you want to level. And your ranking with in your country.
Then we can set up dates to do missions together, first starting at mission 1-1, and working up to if we are lucky 5-1. Also we can help each other on doing advanced jobs. I know Cingal is probably ahead of us all, has a higher level char then me (but not his whm =)) and rank is higher. But I do have a few advanced jobs that he does not. And he has a lot that I do not have. If any one is interested in this, we can set up dates and times to try and get this to work. Preferably sometime this weekend or the weekend after.

Classes and Levels wanted leveling.
Paladin 41, Warrior 30, Bst 6, Whm 3, Thf 7, Blm 4, Dragoon 1.

Country and Rank:
Sandy rank 3-1. (Doing Gigas mission)

Subclass Jobs wanted:
Puppetmaster, Courser, Ninja, Samurai, Summoner.