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Thread: registration problems

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    Default registration problems

    I go on the seal online website, and I try to register my account, when i enter my info in, it comes up with this security box and resets everything. I am still trying to figure this problem out, if you can help me i would REALLY REALLY appreciate it. I really really want to play this game, i wanted to play it ever since news got out that it was coming to US, so please help me,

    so... i guess no help?
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    It looks as if you were placing the wrong code? Keep in mind that those generated codes are case sensitive and type exactly what you see in the box before you confirm. Make also sure that not any other information is missing.
    Some games also doesn't accept certain email hosts (Asda was the one that didn'T worked with hotmail if I'm not wrong as example).

    However, this game seems to have a registration problem in overal cause I'm registered there but can't enter the game because it says that this account doesn't exist. Then I go to the site and get the same results.
    I'm trying then to send my account name and password to my mail and it says that my mail doesn't exist. However, when I try to create a new account with the same data it says that this email and username already exists and can't be used. <_<

    So since you can't post in their forums about issues without logging in and you can't login because it won't let you even with correct data to do so, I gave up the game and moved to others. Good Luck though!

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