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Thread: [Help needed] Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

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    Default [Help needed] Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

    1st problem when trying to lauch Exsteel:

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

    Runtime Error!
    Program: C\Program Files\NCsoft\Exsteel\System\Exsteel.exe

    -pure virtual function call

    2nd problem (when I don't get the 1st one):

    After the logo (or something with the robot head picture) my screen goes black and my monitor starts going on and off every 2seconds T_T

    Please reply if you can help me.

    /EDIT: Found solution to my 2nd problem(even tough accidently).
    By pressing alt+enter I entered windowed mode and the game is now working for me perfectly. In battle I can keep fullscreen but in lobby and stuff I have to use windowed mode.
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