Listen up players!

Finally! The release of more maps, more mobs and more fun for you! We will be releasing new EP3 maps, mobs, NPC, missions, settings and tons of costumes for you to show off with!

Not forgetting also, we're releasing a brand new event, which is the Battle Arena, for players who are keen to get their hands on more gold and more valuable items as well as the abrasive items from streams of never ending mobs spawning!

New features:

Explore and venture into the 5 news maps for this round...

Mobs & NPCs
New different types of monster begin with 240 levels are waiting for you...

New items extended in 200 levels and above & new stylish costume available now!

New Battle Arena & Item Rebuild System for you to try out!!
Can't wait anymore? Come and enjoy the whole new things from us !

What are you waiting for? Come N visit: EP3 new features