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Thread: will this ever justify????

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    Default will this ever justify????

    this is what i wrote on the warrock official forum

    please note that warrock is a Korean game, and there are censorship in Korea and China, this thread was locked within 2 minutes after post and all of my accounts(including forum account and in-game account) are banned instantly.

    if you are a f2p player, congratulations!!!! they will only ignore your tickets, no one will help you to get your accounts back unless you are a premium!!!!

    i think what they would do next is to ban my ip address, so they will never see me again. but wrong!! censorship is the most stupid way of trying to control people's thoughts. this has violated human rights and it will only make me angry.

    yes! this is how they deal with me. AND I AM A F2P PLAYER!!!

    original post: a story of an unfortunate man
    i love warrock. i have been playing warrock for ages. :P

    i have 4 accounts(excluding the lvl 11 account in open-beta, it's gone now)

    my first account after open-beta, is zhxc12345, i was working so hard to try to get artic_warfare(the best sniper rifle in f2p). this weapon needs lvl16 to wield, so i worked diligently. and one day, i reached lvl15 with 84% exp. i talked to myself: "it's getting close, i can feel my new gun!!"

    suddenly, warrock crashed to desktop. wtf?? it happens alot, so i just ignore it. it was getting late, so i went to sleep.

    the next day, i found my account was banned.


    i registered my 2nd account, hatred4wr, played 2 games and crashed to banned(lvl1 less than 10% exp)

    and i register my 3rd account, freedom01, played almost 10 games and crashed to banned(lvl1 with less than 20% exp)

    for my 4th account, freedom020, i played some games, currently lvl1 with 54% exp, didn't get banned and also warrock never crash to desktop when i am using this account.(luck??)

    i am curious, what is going on here????????

    Korgoth the root admin said something likehack in one account will result in the banning of all the accounts that belong to that same person.

    i never receive any "1440 minutes" message, so PB didn't say i was hacking. and 1 of my accounts hasn't been banned yet. Great!!! this can prove i am innocent because i am using the same computer to play all 4 of my accounts.

    i submitted a great many tickets, but there were only those "AUTO-REPLY".

    today, i read this
    omg!!! only premium will get help!!!!!!!


    anyway, this is not important. the important thing is why i got banned. k2 network never give me a reason.

    so i kept on reading this

    ok.....there are two kinds of banning. the PB ban and the GM ban.

    i thought for a way!!!! i don't beleive this, i wasn't banned by PB, i was banned by a GM witnessing my action of hacking!!!!!

    omg!!!!!i never hack, what did that GM see????

    so i recalled my playing experience to find all the possible situation that a GM will think i was hacking.

    and there is one scene:
    i was playing conturas(the one with an island at the middle and has the most planes), i was flying a plane over enemy homebase and i crashed into a tree that is near the hanger. i thought i was fast enough to press the "F" key to jump out of that plane, but i was wrong, i died.

    after i respawn, i hopped in another plane in my homebase and took off. when i was flying very high over the island at the middle of the map, i got killed by a sniper!!!!holy!!!!!!!!

    i hit "ENTER" instantly, then "F2" and typed in "hacker!!!!"

    he replied"no, i was not hacking" "you were standing on a tree in our base"

    and here is another scene:
    i kept killing a guy whose killing ratio is almost 4kill to 1 death.

    i asked:"why you didn't move???"

    he said:"freedom you are lagging so bad" "you are way behind!!!"

    "how fast is your cpu??? mine is 1.14GHz" i said

    "mine is 2.2GHz."

    i know with this ancient computer i shouldn't be playing warrock(not really too ancient because it has 1G memory) :P


    how can a GM accuse me of hacking while PB didn't say i was doing anything wrong???

    i mean, sure it looks very suspicious when others saw my character was in a tree but using planes shooting down enemy while i was staying there and didn't move.

    but, as a GM should be able to distinguish between hacking and lagging, right????

    if i was really hacking why i never receive message like that"kick for 1440 minutes"?????
    and why there still an account that didn't get banned????????

    at least tell me why and give me evidence like a log or a screenshot or something......

    how could you guys just ban people's accounts for nothing??????

    there was a banned french clan leader whose account is lvl50+ and is the vice-champion of the tournament that is across half of this world.

    common!!!!!! use some common sense!!!!!!! will he risks his account to use a hack program????

    no!! he won't!! he wouldn't!! and he doesn't need to!!!!!! if he can play in the tournament that means he is skillful enough and why bother hacking????????

    i never hack but my accounts were banned(except one)

    you can send a technician to my home and check my computer as however you want,and you will never find any thrid party programs in my computer that will alter the normal gaming of warrock!!!!!!

    one last thing, don't ignore the demand of f2p players. it's impossible for a f2p game to have all players become members. only 20% of the players of a f2p game will pay and there will be 80% of f2p players. all companies can only make a profit from those 20% people. those 80% players are for creating a gaming environment for those 20% p2p players. imaging if all f2p were gone, there will be not enough people playing in each room and soon those 20% p2p will leave as well.

    this is warrock, not world of warcraft. not everyone is p2p and warrock doesn't have as many features as wow. warrock needs enough people to wage a large scale war.

    so, i beg you, please never ignore f2p players. we all hate "AUTO-REPLY"s

    yes, i have confirmed that they banned my ip address.

    so i can no longer play warrock

    this has violated human right!!!
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    Sorry to hear this. The people from warrock seem to reply to my tickets. But they also have no solutions to the problems i have! Like after my time runs out of a gun i cant switch back to the original guns and its stuck on a gun thats expierd. So i just stopped playing that.

    Hopefully they will help you out sometime.

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    I had a few account bannings, too, in the past, with no illegal acts. Weird.

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    To the OP:
    I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope that this doesn't happen again.

    WTH! That post has no value. I know everyone loves to see that +1 post count, but come on, don't spam please.
    Thinking of something to put here.

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    dude k2network and their gamersfirst thing suck balls, I honestley am scared because Mythos did a interview with them, so im thinking they may hand over the rights to them and **** everything up with premium and stuff

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    WOW, I use to love warrock but lately they have been acting like a bunch of *******s. They are out for the money, they even made my fav snipe the PSG premium its sad..

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    Where did the bible come from on this forum?

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    It's sad to hear a fan of an online game not getting something bec. he's a f2p player... let's just hope things turn out for the best later on...^^

    the story's the same here in our parts so you have my deepest symphaties

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