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Thread: The Ultimate Korean Language for Dummies Guide

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    Ah, I once wrote an updated version of this for a different forum. There were also some mistakes in the pronounciations which I fixed.
    I'll post it here as well:

    How to enable Korean typing settings

    1. Go to your Control Panel
    2. Open the Regional and Language Options
    3. Open the second tab Languages
    4. Make sure "Install files for East Asian languages" is ticked
    5. Click Details... You will get this window:

    6. Click the Add... button. You will get this window:

    7. Choose Korean Input System (IME 2002)
    8. Press OK and close your Control Panel
    9. Now to change between your English and Korean keyboard settings, you need to press Alt+Shift. However, you have an alt+shift on the left and on the right side of your keyboard (one under your tab button, and one under your enter button). To successfully be able to type Korean, try switching between both of them ingame (while having the chatbox selected) until you see a little Korean symbol instead of an A at the chat window.

    In game, you can change the language pressing Alt+Shift button. You have to see the changes in your taskbar like this:

    PS: Every time you press Alt+tab or go to another program, the language changes its back to the normal.

    Once you changed to the Korean keyboard, press enter to open the chat.
    Now you have to change to hangul, pressing Alt Gr(next to space, see the picture in the end of the topic).
    Congrats, now you know how to type hangul in game.

    Alt Gr button:

    Korean Typing - Layout

    q - ㅂ
    Shift + q - ㅃ
    w - ㅈ
    Shift + w - ㅉ
    e - ㄷ
    Shift + e - ㄸ
    r - ㄱ
    Shift + r - ㄲ
    t - ㅅ
    Shift + t - ㅆ
    y - ㅛ
    u - ㅕ
    i - ㅑ
    o - ㅐ
    Shift + o - ㅒ
    p - ㅔ
    Shift + p - ㅖ
    a - ㅁ
    s - ㄴ
    d - ㅇ
    f - ㄹ
    g - ㅎ
    h - ㅗ
    j - ㅓ
    k - ㅏ
    l - ㅣ (No, I didn't make a mistake)
    z - ㅋ
    x - ㅌ
    c - ㅊ
    v - ㅍ
    b - ㅠ
    n - ㅜ
    m – ㅡ

    How To Type & Structure Korean Letters and Characters

    Korean letters also have vowels and consonant. The consonants in Korean (keyboard layout I meant) are q, shift + q, w, shift + w, e, shift + e, r, shift + r, t, shift + t, a, s, d, f, g, z, x, c, and v (the rest are vowels). Consonants always go first and vowels come after a consonant. To give you a basic idea of how to make a Korean character, the way you structure the consonants and vowels would be sort of like a sandwich or a half-sandwich (consonant -vowel- consonant = sandwich and consonant -vowel = half-sandwich; these are the only ways of combining letters to create a Korean character). Some examples of Korean "sandwich" characters: 법, 젖, 간, 김and겐. Some examples of Korean "half-sandwich" characters: 미, 나, 갸, 래, 재, 내, and 해. Once exception is의(one consonant, two vowels).

    Korean Letter Sounds

    ㅂ - A 'b' as in bee, bus, and beam
    ㅈ - A 'j' sound as in jeep, Jim, and jam
    ㄷ - A 'd' sound as in dill, dildo, and dark
    ㄱ - A 'g' sound as in gossip, gargle, and green
    ㅅ - A 's' sound as in skip, screech, and scar
    ㅃ - More emphasis, almost makes a 'p' sound (as in popcorn), but stays within the limits of the 'b' sound. A 'b~p' sound hybrid?
    ㅉ - More emphasis, almost makes a 'ch' sound (as in chicken), but stays within the limits of the 'j' sound. A 'j~ch' sound hybrid?
    ㄸ - More emphasis. I.e. pronounce 'duck' (this is ㄷ) then make it sound it like 'dduk' (this is ㄸ). Speed up the pronounciation basically.
    ㄲ - More emphasis, almost makes a 'k' sound (as in kite), but stays within the limits of the 'g' sound. A 'g~k' sound hybrid?
    ㅆ - More emphasis, almost makes a 't' sound (as in tea). A good example of the ㅆ sound would be 'tsete fly'
    ㅛ - 'Yo' sound as in yo-yo
    ㅕ - 'Yuh' sound as in yummy
    ㅑ - 'Yaw' sound as in yawn
    ㅐ - 'Ae' sound as in never
    ㅔ - Same as ㅐ, but might sound a little more towards the 'a' sound in 'main'.
    ㅒ - 'Yae' sound as in yes
    ㅖ - Same as ㅒ
    ㅁ - 'M' sound as in monkey
    ㄴ - 'N' sound as in no
    ㅇ - Silent, but makes an 'ng' sound when at the end of a sandwich. I.e. 야 - just makes the 'ya' sound, 양 makes a 'yang' sound.
    ㄹ - 'L' sound as in lion, but can also sound like 'R' in some word combinations.
    ㅎ - 'H' sound as in hello
    ㅗ - 'Oh' sound as in no
    ㅓ - 'Uh' sound as in much
    ㅏ - 'a' sound as in master. It can have a 'Aj' sound in some word combinations.
    ㅣ - 'i' sound as in win
    ㅋ - 'K' sound as in kill
    ㅌ - 'T' sound as in tea
    ㅊ - 'Ch' sound as in chicken
    ㅍ - 'P' sound as in party
    ㅠ - 'Yoo' sound as in you
    ㅜ - 'Oo' sound as in good
    ㅡ - 'U' sound as in book

    Some grammar tips

    The verbs always go at the end of sentences.

    Some word combinations can't be made in Korean, for example 2 vowels or 2 consonants right after eachother.
    - If you need to form a word with 2 vowels, use the silent ㅇ inbetween. Example: 하이 = 'hai'
    - If you need to form a word with 2 consonants, use the ㅡ inbetween. It's not silent, but not stressed. Example: 스톤 = 'stone'. Koreans would pronounce this as ‘sutone’, only lightly pronouncing the ‘u’.

    Koreans pronounce every vowel apart, so for example 'ou' is pronounced like 'o-u', not like in English.

    Koreans don't have some letters, like the 'v'. Instead they get replaced by letters that sound like it. The 'v' becomes 'ㅍ'. The 'x' becomes 'ㅎ'.
    They also don't have a 'w', instead they use vowels to imitate the 'w' sound. Example: 워리어 = 'warrior'
    Sometimes they use 'ㄱ' instead of 'ㅋ' for 'k' too. And at the end of a word, they sometimes use 'ㅅ' instead of 'ㅌ', for example 굿 = 'good'.

    An added 요, 합니다 or 하세요 to a sentence or word, makes it sound more polite. It doesn't have any meaning translated. After names 님 is usually added, usually when you are talking to someone older than you and to sound more polite.

    Useful words

    감사합니다 - Thank you
    ㄳ - Abbreviation of "thank you"
    하이요 - Hello
    ㅎㅇ - Abbreviation of "hello"
    수고요 - Goodbye or Good job
    ㅅㄱㅇ - Abbreviation of "goodbye"
    혈 - Wow!
    파티 - Party
    워리어 - Warrior
    힐러 - Healer
    바드 - Bard
    레벨 - Level
    보스 - Boss
    스킬 - Skill
    길드 - Guild
    잠시만요 - Brb / afk
    저는 [name] - I am [name]
    죄송합니다 - Sorry
    ㅈㅅ - Abbreviation of "sorry"
    네 - Yes
    아뇨 - No
    아님 - Nevermind
    고 - Go
    퀘스트 - Quest
    퀘 - Abbreviation for "quest"
    외국인 - Foreigner
    한굴 - Korean
    ㅋㅋㅋ or ㅎㅎㅎ - Laughing, translated as "kekeke" or "hahaha"
    ㅠㅠ - A crying smiley-face
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    ㅌㅣㄴㅋ ㅡ

    haha looks more like an alien morse code. haha

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    helpful thread. I learnt a little.ㄱ ㅅ

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