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Thread: Spe******t Cards - How's this work?

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    Default Spe******t Cards - How's this work?

    I figured I'd ask here since I'm already registered for the forum...

    How do the Spe******t Cards work? Is it like, you get it, and become a new class (While maintaining your prior classes skills and shit)? Or is it like, you get it, and can use it to be in 'spe******t form' temporarily, but then it will go on cooldown, and you'll just be an Archer until you can use it again?

    I'm wondering, because I want to be an Assassin, but don't want to be an Archer, so if the Spe******t Cards are only temporary, I will just go for a Swordsman, and sometimes be a Blade.

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    You get a card that is class specific, so assassins are only archers. and basically you transform into the spe******t. your skills as the previous class are not there. so u lvl up as your spe******t and u gain new skills only to your spe******t. so your leveling up your card. players get 10k SP, and you lose 3 SP every time you fight. resting does not lose you SP. you can transform back to your other class and become another spe******t but you still have the SP remaining for that day.
    Sp recharges every 24 hours. so you can transform back and forth until u have 0 SP.

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