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Thread: Specialist Cards - How's this work?

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    Default Specialist Cards - How's this work?

    I figured I'd ask here since I'm already registered for the forum...

    How do the Specialist Cards work? Is it like, you get it, and become a new class (While maintaining your prior classes skills and shit)? Or is it like, you get it, and can use it to be in 'specialist form' temporarily, but then it will go on cooldown, and you'll just be an Archer until you can use it again?

    I'm wondering, because I want to be an Assassin, but don't want to be an Archer, so if the Specialist Cards are only temporary, I will just go for a Swordsman, and sometimes be a Blade.

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    You get a card that is class specific, so assassins are only archers. and basically you transform into the specialist. your skills as the previous class are not there. so u lvl up as your specialist and u gain new skills only to your specialist. so your leveling up your card. players get 10k SP, and you lose 3 SP every time you fight. resting does not lose you SP. you can transform back to your other class and become another specialist but you still have the SP remaining for that day.
    Sp recharges every 24 hours. so you can transform back and forth until u have 0 SP.

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